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almost at my limit with myself...

so so tired and on top of that i think im getting a bad cold. my sons birthday is this weekend so trying to get organized for that.. i have 3 flights of long stairs and by the time i get up them my heart is pounding out of my chest and i cant breath. i try to walk everyday and i get a pinching pain in my lower back. and everything is starting to get to me like people.. noises.. even the tv. i try to relax then think well this has got to get done.. my hemroides are acting up.. sorry i know thats gross..
thank god the kids are good and understand but i feel horable that i cant get up and play with them all the time when my energy is down. . good part of today is i bought the baby a really cute outfit to come home in and my son and daughter some stuff they have really been wanting so that makes me feel a bit better.. sorry i just really had to vent it out..

Re: almost at my limit with myself...

  • I don't know how you even handle stairs... I hope the vent helped! I really am just stuck on what I would do if I had to deal with stairs right now. I go up one flight of stairs to see my chiropractor and I can handle that but I think by the end of two flights I would want a break. I'm active and walk and had been exercising quite a bit more but I get winded just walking quickly through the grocery store now.
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  • oh its hell.. my washer and dryer are on the main floor too and the bedrooms are in the third floor so it sucks on laundry days and the sets of stairs are not short .. they are really long sets of stairs... lol.. its a real pee off when you forget something and have to turn around and do the steps over again..
  • I've had the pinching in my lower back after walking too! I went for a walk after work yesterday for about 45 minutes at a fairly good clip, and I could barely move after. I actually cried out in pain trying to get my gym clothes off when I got home just from bending. Going for a massage tonight - can't wait!!
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