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2 unrelated questions, noodles and curtains

First question-if you ask my kids what they want for lunch/dinner, they will say noodles, as in lo mein.  I can not afford Chinese delivery everyday (nor do I think even more than once a week is good for them).  What are some other noodle recipes that they might like?  At least one is not usually big on veggies, one is sort of allergic to milk and very allergic to eggs. Second question- I had dark blue insulated curtains covering the miniblinds in the girls bedroom.  I took the curtains down to paint the room and did not put them back up yet.  They are getting bunkbeds next week and DD1 really loves to look out her window.  I was planning on making one set of curtains to cover the top half of the window and another set to cover the bottom half (so each kid could move her own curtains to look out the window).  I was going to take the miniblinds down completely.  Problem is, even now with the miniblinds, DD1 is staying up at night and waking up early in the mornings because the room is so light.  What can I do to make the room darker but still allow them to look out the windows next to their beds? The walls are purple, the furniture is white. I was going to use some white sheets I have to make the curtains, maybe dye them a darker purple but now I am thinking that won't be enough light blocking.   
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Re: 2 unrelated questions, noodles and curtains

  • I'm not sure where you live, but we have a lot of Asian markets and lo mein noodles are cheap. And then you can just make your own lo mein, cheaper and healthier.

    If you don't know where to get them, you can doctor some ramen. I sometimes cook the ramen almost done and then add a drop of peanut butter and some soy sauce. It may sound weird but it is actually common for Asian sauces.
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