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Keep or Toss?

DH and I came up with our first real list of potential names for future LO's. Which should we keep and which should we toss out? We have an Italian last name that sounds like Tinallya.

Potential girl MNs are Edna, Louise or Marilyn. Our boy MN is Richard. All MNs are family names.

Estelle nn Stella
January DH isn't sold on this one. Possibly just a GP name for me


Feel free to be brutally honest! We are not tied to any of these names yet. Just looking for honest feedback. Thanks!
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Re: Keep or Toss?

  • Keep girls- Clementine, Estelle, Isla and Winter

    Keep boys- Xander, Luca, and Henry


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  • Girl keeps: Estelle and Isla
    Boy keeps: Gavin, Henry and Luca.

    The rest are NMS, but I don't hate any of them. Except January, but probably because that's my birth month, it just seems weird to me.

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  • Keep: Clementine, Saoirse, Isla

    Keep: Luca, Henry, Finn
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  • Keep: Clementine, Stella, Isla, Saoirse, Finn, Henry

    Toss: Estelle, January, Reese, Winter, Dermot, Gavin, Luca, Mason, Xander

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  • Girls: Keep- Estella nn Stella

    Boys: Keep-Finn, Gavin, Henry, and Luca 
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  • Out of curiosity, why don't people like Dermot? 
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  • For a girl I love Isla and for a boy Alexander with the nickname Xander.

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  • Toss: Clementine, Saoirse, Dermot

    The rest are fine, even if some are nms. I really don't like Dermot and I don't think that Clementine or Saoirse would go with your last name.  

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  • Girls

    Keep: Isla

    Toss: Saiorse (doesn't go with an Italian ln), January, Winter



    Keep: Henry and Gavin

    Toss: Dermot, Mason, Xander (it's a nn only; Alexander is good though) 

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  • I don't like any, sorry. I'd pick Estelle and Henry by default.
  • Keep Estelle nn Stella and Isla; Gavin, Henry, and Luca.

    I like Dermot, but it [and Saoirse] sounds funny with an Italian ln.

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  • Keep Estelle and Reese. Toss the rest. Clementine Tinallya is a mouthful, Isla with the LN makes it sound sing-songy, Saoirse is an Irish name which sounds odd to me with an Italian LN, and Winter just doesn't flow. I'd toss Edna as a MN.

    Of the boy names I like Luca, Gavin, Henry, and Mason. I' on the fence about Xander. No to Dermott and Finn.

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  • Nice list!  

    For girls I like Clementine, Estelle, and Saoirse

    For boys I like Gavin and Henry. 

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    I do not see the appeal of the name Clementine! Yes, its adorable, but its!  I love the names Estella/Stella & Isla though!! 

    Estella Louise gets my vote for girl,

    I like your boys list...but I think Henry or Luca is my favorite. 


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  • Keep: Isla, Winter, Henry.

  • Keep: Estelle, Isla and Reese

    Keep: Henry, Luca, prefer Lucah and Xander, prefer Zander or Alexander nn. Xander

    I don't like Dermot because the Irish last name McDermott is popular around here and also it just doesn't sound handsome at all.

    I hate winter and January because they don't sound like names.

    Saorise is too too Irish for that Italian or a last name and Clementine to me is like naming your kid Apple. I don't get the appeal...
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  • I struggle with having an obviously Irish fn with an Italian ln so id toss

    Saoirse, Finn, Gavin and Dermont

    I'd also toss January, Winter and Xander because I don't like them and Mason because I know 5 under 5.
  • Girls: keep Isla and Saoirse.  also kind of like Winter in a GP sort of way.

    Boys: keep Luca and Henry. 

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  • NL105NL105
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    Keep girls: Stella, January

    Keep boys: Gavin, Luca, Mason

  • Girls: Clementine, Isla, Estelle (in that order)

    Boys: Henry, Luca, Mason (in that order)  

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  • apc1929apc1929
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    I really like your list!   Girls  I think Reese is a bit popular compared to the others you have but still love it.   Def Stella over Estella for me.   January is a total GP name for me        Winter, although I see the attraction to the name and its another GP for me, I do think can be a bit dark and harsh.     Clementine I think is adorable but a bit clunky and I can't really see as well on an adult.

    The only boy name on your list I don't love is Mason-- just out of all the others doesn't compare for me. I Love Xander Finn or   Gavin Henry!

  • IMO. I love




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