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DD2 Potential Names

So DH have been tossing around names for DD2, and have come up with some FNs and MNs that we like a lot. Still open to options, but these are our faves. What FN and MN do you like best? DD1 is Scarlett.

FNs: Delilah, Lorelei

MNs: Erin, Elizabeth

I would also love other name suggestions if you've got them!
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Re: DD2 Potential Names

  • I know this isn't an option but Erin Elizabeth! Out of your names I think Elizabeth works better than Erin in mn spot.
  • I equally love both first names. I wish I could use them but they sound awful with my last name otherwise they'd be my top two!

    I'd give the edge to Erin for a mn because it's less syllables. But I think something with a consonant beginning would sound best like Jane, Belle, Marie, etc...

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  • Lorelei Erin. My friend named her daughter Lorelei. I love that name.
  • I think Lorelei Elizabeth makes a cute sibset with your DD! Beautiful name.
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  • I love Lorelei with either mn. Good luck.
  • I like lorelei elisabeth ! I love the name lorelei!
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  • Delilah Elizabeth but I have a soft spot for Delilah since its DDs name.

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  • LC122LC122
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    Love it! We have a Lorelei Scarlett!
    So, obviously my vote goes to Lorelei.
    We must have similar taste though because Delilah has come up on our lists. We don't yet know the gender/sex of 2.
    As for middle names, I prefer Elizabeth. It is classic and has many nickname options, not that people use nicknames for middle names unless they go by that name. Anyway, the sound of Erin vs Aaron has always bothered me, like not knowing if someone was referring to a man or woman even though they are very different names. Again, not that that would matter for a middle name, especially with your first name choices.
  • Lorelei Elizabeth is very pretty! :)

    Other FN suggestions... Ava, Bella, Willa, Ella, Emmeline, Isadora, Madeleine, Vivienne

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  • Lorelei with either middle name. I really like your options.
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  • I love Delilah and Lorelei! I would go with Delilah Elizabeth.

  • image BrittRN:
    I love Delilah and Lorelei! I would go with Delilah Elizabeth.

    This! But also in part because I know a woman obsessed with her cat named Lorelei and that's all she talks about so I have trouble not picturing a cat! I'm also not a huge fan of the way it end in and "i" because to me it just doesn't quite look finished. Good luck!
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  • Lorelei Erin!

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