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due date issues

Both my OB and perinatologist are going off of my LMP for my due date. I have never been regular, and I know with 100% certainty that the date is wrong. Before I got my health insurance, I went to a free clinic where they did a dating ultrasound, and put my due date at 10/26. I had them fax the info over to my OB, but he's still going off of the LMP date, which puts it at 10/17. 

When I met with the perinatologist two weeks ago, right after they did the NT scan, she said that baby measured up perfectly with 10/26. And yet she kept 10/17 on my paperwork.

I gave my OB the date of conception (I wasn't TTC, but was keeping records of everything because I wanted to figure out if there was any pattern to my cycle, and the app I was using happened to let me track intimate moments, so I did). That date also matches up PERFECTLY with 10/26. 

I'm probably stressing too much at this point, but I'm more concerned now that I'm high risk. I really want to try to do this naturally, as long as baby and I stay healthy and intervention is not medically necessary. I'm concerned that they're going to push induction or a scheduled C-section, though. And if I absolutely have to go one of those routes, I want baby to have as long as possible to finish cooking. Those 9 days mean a lot to me. Even if they don't try scheduling it, I don't know if they'd want to let me go 9 days past my "due date".

Next week I go back to the perinatologist, and in a few weeks I go back to my OB. I will bring it up at that point. We haven't discussed delivery at all yet, and I don't know at what point that conversation is supposed to come up. I don't want to stress about it anymore, though. Anyone have any luck with this sort of situation? Am I making too big of a deal?


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Re: due date issues

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    I let my doctor's office know at the first appointment that my LMP date was not accurate, as I ovulated over a month late. They sent me for a dating ultrasound, and sure enough, the ovulation date I had given them was exactly right. Luckily, they have gone by that due date, although a nurse did mess up one of my forms once because she was looking in the computer at my LMP date rather than my due date. I simply told them, and they corrected it. Since it seems like you weren't able to get this issue resolved early, I would definitely stress its importance with your OB now and explain your concerns about them wanting to induce based on LMP date. If they don't listen at first, bring it up again and again.
  • 9 days isnt a big deal.  They cant talk to you about induction and c section, but cant force you to have either.  You can say no if I dont have LO by 11/1 then we can talk about induction.  Dont stress over this.  I have been given 3 different due date 6/28, 7/4, and 7/18.  I chose to schedule my c section for 7/10.  I have to have c section due to complications if I go into labor early theywill do c section then.
  • Your still early so try not to worry so much. With future ultrasounds, etc., doctors, etc. should get better idea of how big baby is measuring. Also, my doctor is pushing for a c-section, im really opposed to it but since i'm not very far along, im just taking it one day at a time and later will bring up that i want to try for a vaginal birth. Good luck and try not to worry so much.
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    The same thing happened to me. My OB said I was due 1/12, but I had an early u/s that showed I was due 1/17. 1/17 is day that I thought before I even had the u/s. He wouldn't change it. I ended up having my DD at 35 weeks so it didn't really matter, but I stressed about it the entire pregnancy. They think my DD was born at exactly 36 weeks, but I always tell people 35 because that's the truth!



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