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2nd tri-screening results high AFP

hey all

my doc called today and told me that there was an irregularity with my second trimester blood work. I have "at-risk" levels of AFP in my blood so they will do another ultrasound tomorrow to look for neural tube defects. My AFP measured at a 2.87, just over the 2.5 cut off for normal pregnancy levels.

have any of you experienced high levels of AFP? if so, what was the prognosis? i am hoping for the best here but i could really use to talk to some other women who have gone through this.


Re: 2nd tri-screening results high AFP

  • Sorry you're going through this -  it doesn't seem your results are so far off normal, it's likely everything's just fine. 

    I think it was my AFP off too, I think it must have been low, b/c the docs were worried about Downs - though I never got the number.  I got a level 2 ultrasound and there were no physicial markers, and then did the Harmony test and all came out ok. 

     It seems this roller coaster ride is, unfortunately, pretty common the moms here.  Sorry you're going through it too, I hope you can get good answers quickly.

     Good luck! 

  • I'm going through the same thing right now! :( My doctor didn't tell me a number though. He just said tested positive for spina bifida so I have to go get a level 2 ultrasound in 2 weeks. It could be that your dates are off. If you're measuring ahead of your dates, your afp should be a little higher. Hope all turns out well for you. I'm trying not to freak out about mine! 
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  • thank you for your replies :)

    i'm not sure what the difference between spina bifida and the specific levels of AFP are, but yeah i was given a specific level in my blood. i saw my ob again yesterday and she confirmed through all of my ultrasounds that my date range for conception was accurate.

     my appointment is in just a few hours. not sure how you're waiting 2 whole weeks! i'll post an update after i get some answers. 

  • hey all!

    had my ultrasound yesterday. total false alarm. they're watching for high blood pressure in me now but the baby is fine and i found out i'm having a little boy! 

  • Congrats!  I replied to you on the high risk board.  I'm so glad you got reassuring news.  
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  • I'm waiting for my results on this test. We did the test Wednesday. It's a bit nerve wracking!

    Glad it was a false alarm and congrats on the little boy!

     What's a Harmony test? I was relieved to hear that an amniocentesis isn't the only route other than a high resolution ultrasound to check for defects. The articles I was reading weren't updated I guess. 

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