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For those that weaned, did you drop the morning or night feedings first?

Re: Weaning

  • With my DS I dropped the morning one first.  It was easy to distract him and offer food right away. Night was my last feeding to drop since he loved it the most.

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  • I'm still in process, but I dropped the night first. DS had gotten back into nursing to sleep and it wasn't working for us anymore. He actually did really well dropping the night first. We are down to only nursing in the morning. GL!
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  • (I dropped the middle of the day one first. then) i dropped the morning one. like PP said he was easily able to drop it because i just offered him a sippy of milk and breakfast right away.

    I still do the right before bed one and hope to do it till he doesn't want it anymore or i dry up.

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  • I have had luck dropping the morning feeding.  He occasionally still asks for it, but I can usually distract him with toys/books or food.  I'm not sure how we're going to cut out the night feeding...
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  • At 10 months, I dropped the morning feed and he didn't seem to have any trouble with it. He has been officially weaned for a month now. The bedtime feed took a little longer.
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