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Favors and activities?

I am stumped on favors for my daughter's birthday. Right now there is a wide range of kids coming.

Three 2 year olds, two 5 year olds, three 8 year olds and a 10 year old.

We are doing a classic Sesame Street party--my daughter likes the older characters--not so much the new ones.

My friend (whose 2 kids are coming) were asking about games--I didn't even think of games! I was going to have more activities set up--coloring pages and crayons, basketball (we have a hoop), swing set, sidewalk chalk, bubbles. I just really didn't feel like herding and corralling toddlers into games, and I figured the older kids would enjoy the swing set/basketball hoop stuff.

Any ideas? 

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Re: Favors and activities?

  • Given the range of ages you have, I wouldn't worry about games....I think you're right that the bigger kids will just play basketball or play on the swings.

    We also did a Sesame theme for DS's last bday and had a range of kid ages to cover with favors.  I put a mini pack of chips ahoy cookies with a Cookie Monster head stapled to the package, a mini pack of goldfish, a slinky, a large bouncy ball, bubbles, crayons, and Sesame crazy straws.  We got all the toys at Party City and the goldfish and cookies at Target. 

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  • For favors I love color books and crayons. You can get $1 color books at Target and fun themed crayola crayon boxes for $1 each like pirate, princess colors etc Its not in the $1 section but back in the color aisle. 
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  • I wouldn't bother about activities, given the wide age range, having different options for the kids to entertain themselves is good enough

    I'm a fan of edible favors + 1 or 2 small themed toy that could be bubbles, cheap book, coloring book, ball, small character, gadget... being SS your theme it should be easy enough to find a big variety of items with SS characters on them

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    Target has a lot of Sesame Street stuff in the dollar bins.  There are books, water books, etc.
  • I like to give Earth's Best Fruit Smooties for favors.  I will either go somewhere like Target to get a good price or get a pack of the smoothies on


    I also like to give snack packs of Earth's Best Cookies:

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    Target has a lot of Sesame Street stuff in the dollar bins.  There are books, water books, etc.

    This.  I feel like we get one of the $1 Sesame Street books every time we head to Target.  My son loves them.

    The other thing I would suggest for favors are maybe cds of Sesame Street music.  This should be fairly easy to make yourself, and kids like music!

    I think your activities sound fine.  Games seem a little advanced for a 2 year old's party.

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  • Check out the link in my siggy for some party favor ideas!
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  • For favors, I just came across something I think would be a really good idea. I was eating goldfish the other day and you could design your own bag with your LO's picture on it. I think it costs $1 per container and it is a nice take home. What child (over the age of 18months) doesn't like goldfish?! Hope this helps.
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