Toddler vs new baby

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I EP for my daughter for 6 months.
She was born with a very tight frenulum - like her tongue was severely forked, it was that tight.  Shields/time/4+ lactation consultants... nothing worked to get her breastfeeding.

I'm a SAHM and my daughter and I have a very close bond.
I'm nervous (maybe not the right word) that once LO #2 comes, assuming breast feeding is successful, that my 21 month old may be interested in trying to breast feed... Has anyone had that happen to them?

What do you do in a situation like this?  Obviously I'll explain what I'm doing and why...
But if she wants to "be the baby" would I be weird to allow her to try?
I'm assuming she'll surely find it too much work relative to the cups she can already drink out of and it'll be a one time thing??
Would it do any harm to the new baby (nutrition wise) if it's just a one time feed?

I'm worried she'll be jealous I guess.
Is this silly/crazy?


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Re: Toddler vs new baby

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    they may ask, you may let them try, and most of the time they won't be able to get out any milk at all and they won't ask again.



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  • My toddler did breastfeed for 19 months and weaned while I was pregnant.  When DS2 was born (9 weeks ago) he was/is very curious about my feeding the baby.  I think he's so little he already forgot he was breastfed!  He pats my breasts and hugs them and smiles. :)  But he's never asked to nurse and tells me to feed the baby hen he cries!  I was pleasantly surprised at how well he's adjusted to the new baby, as he is a pretty clingy kid!  He loooves "his baby".  We also made a point of DH taking over as much as possible right before the baby was born so he would be more likely to accept DH doing some of the things (bedtime routine for example) that Mommy usually did. He also have a favorite stuffed animal he loves on like it's his baby - I let him put it in the swing and carseat and whatnot.  I also introduce new fun activities while nursing if it's been a rough day, like a new can of playdough or a happy meal toy I saved or sorting a bag of colored pipe cleaners!  Just cheap little surprises I hide until the day is going badly!  I don't think you have much to worry about!




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  • My dd wa 13 months when dd2 was born. She never even asked or seemed interested in trying to bf. I was also a SAHM, so dd1 and I were a tight pair. Since she didn't recognize the breast as food for HERSELF, she didn't seem to question why the baby was using it for food.
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  • My older DD was 31 months old when DD2 was born and she was 27 months old when she weaned. She asked once recently for mama milk and I told her it was for babies but that she could sit in my lap and pretend. She had fun with that and it gave her some cuddling time. "Just pretending" was something we did while she was weaning, I don't know if she remembered that or not.

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  • My DS is 25 months and my LO is a week old today. I had this exact worry, but he has been so good! He is very curious when the baby is nursing and comes over to watch him and says "baby eat. Nom nom nom." Lol he also tells me "baby hungry" when he cries and points to my breasts. He will try to help too by coming over to pull down my shirt for baby to nurse lol. He has not asked or shown any interest in nursing himself, although he has pulled down his own shirt and asked for the baby to nurse on him a few times.....

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  • Thank you for all the replies; your personal experiences have calmed my worry.


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