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okay for a boy?

Do you think that Quinn has become too much of a girl's name? I'm expecting a boy and really like the name, but I don't want to give my boy a girl's name.  Thanks!
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Re: okay for a boy?

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    I have know both boy and girl Quinns.
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  • I have only known a boy Quinn, so it's still all boy to me! I like it.

  • Still very much a boy name too.
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  • Meh, I would give him a full name to fall back on like Quincy or Quinton just in case there's a ton of girl Quinn's.

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  • IdaniIdani
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    I think it's a fine boys name but also prefer a fuller given name like Quincy or Quinton.


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  • I think it's a fine boy's name too
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  • I had this name on my list for our boy.  When I presented it here a few months ago, most thought that it had gone to the girls or sounded too feminine.  I didn't want to take the chance, so I struck it from my list.  It's hard these days.  Too many good boys names are being taken. 

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  • I know a two year old Quinn that's a boy. Unfortunately it seems like a unisex name these days but I like it. I agree with previous posts that Quinton is a good fn to have the nn Quinn.
  • I adore Quinn for a boy but understand the issue.

    ...but I keep it on my boys list. I think it's darling for a boy and grows to fit an adult.

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  • too much of a last name for either sex


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  • My DH has an Uncle Quinn so I see has a male name but I know it's becoming popular for girls.  Damn Glee!
  • I think you can use it for either one. Like Jamie. I personally hate names that could be either sex, but that's your decision to make.

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  • I've only ever known girl Quinns so that is how I think of it. If I saw it written on a resume I'd think girl....
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  • We have friends who had a boy Quinn a couple months ago. I don't think it's gone completely to the girls yet, but I do know his mother was worried about the fact that there seem to be more and more girl Quinns... Unfortunately, that was the ONLY name they could agree on.

  • I was thinking Quinton as well.
  • I only know boys named Quinn IRL, so yes, I think it definitely still works for a boy.

    PS, I loooove the name Demelza!

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  • My step-brother is named Quinn. I only sorta-kinda like the name in the first place I personally don't like it on girls at all. I think of it as only a boy name.

  • Thank you all so much for responding. This is so helpful.
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  • I think it's fine but I prefer it as a NN for Quinton.

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  • I have heard it discussed as a girl's names but I've only met boy Quinns. My cousin named his son Quinn last year. I think it's much nicer for a boy. 

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  • I think it's entirely too popular right now, but still a boy's name. 



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  • Bexx24Bexx24
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    I think it's definitely in the gender neutral category, but still acceptable for a boy. I don't like the name Quinton at all though, although Quincy is kinda cool. I'd pair Quinn with a strong masculine middle name as a standby. Quinn Robert or something.
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