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Pregnant Husband

Has anyone else seen this?!? I can't help but laugh and cry a bit at the whole thing!


Re: Pregnant Husband

  • haha awesome! 
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    because it didn't fucking snow enough for me to build my own
  • Yeah I have seen that site, it's hilarious.
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  • Literally laughed until I couldn't breathe.

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  • Haha!  This is great!
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  • Hahahaha... this cracks me up!
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  • And there went two hours of my night. I about cried when I saw the one on page 3 with the deer and the caption about him trying to not wake up his pregnant wife. I work until late and my BF gets up really early so when I get home I try really hard to not wake him up but I do thinks like knock the lamp over or pull the whole drawer out of the dresser when I'm trying to clothes to change into. He does things like hit snooze 3 times...
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  • I know DH will agree lol

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