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As anyone given them to their baby for stomach issues?  My son is currently on antibiotics and is suffering from a lot of gas/pain

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  • I have been giving my daughter BioGaia for the past month and I think it has helped her tremendously.  I had tried gas drops and gripe water with little success and I noticed a big difference when we started this.  It's pricey though...about $28 at Walgreens, but worth it to me.  

    I don't know if it was a coincidence or just natural development, but she went from being up all night to sleeping 4-6 hour stretches after we started it. Hope you find something that works! 


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  • I am using the same probiotics as PP and have also noticed a difference in terms of gas, burps and fussiness.  Gas drops did not seem to do much.   

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  • My pedi suggested we thicken my dd's formula because of reflux before trying medication and since that is tough on her tummy and she already had gas issues we chose an organic cereal that has probiotics and its been a lifesaver.

    between soy formula and the cereal we were originally using a different cereal poor thing was constipated and always uncomfortable but once we switched to the one with probiotics it's made a world of difference. She still gets gassy from time to time but its much more manageable now.

  • How many drops did you start with? The full five?
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