Which pump would you choose?

So I posted earlier today about some questions in regard to what is covered by insurance.

In talking with some coworkers who have my same health insurance, it seems that my (awesome!) insurance will cover whichever pump I want and that the supplier provides.  I haven't called suppliers yet (I want to have as much information as I can first), but if money wasn't an issue, which pump would you choose?

In the research that I've done, I'm seeing that most people recommend either the Medela PISA or Freestyle, but maybe there are others that are great that I'm not seeing?  What are the pros/cons of ones you suggest?

In regards to how I would be using it, I'm taking 12 weeks FMLA after baby is born (due 9/30) and plan to EBF during this time - maybe a pumping session here or there to build up a freezer supply for when I go back to work and/or if I'm away from baby for any period of time.  When I return to work, I work a modified 2nd shift (typically something like 1-9), except for Saturdays when I work 8 AM - 1 PM.  I plan to BF when I'm with baby and pump when I need to do so.  I travel a lot, so will likely be doing some pumping in my car.  I'm an Athletic Trainer, so sometimes I'm even out on a baseball/softball etc. field and would be using my car to pump.  I don't have typical "breaks" during this time, so I will have to time it before/between/after games, so something that doesn't take long per pumping session would be ideal.

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Re: Which pump would you choose?

  • I think it all depends on what you want.  I  have an Ameda Purely Your Ultra and I love it.  The reason I chose it was it's because the hospital grade pumps at the hospital I delivered at are Ameda's.  My dad works in the NICU fixing all their equipment.

    (ie if something went wrong with my pump my dad prob knows how to fix it.)

    Also it was covered by my insurance.  My kit was the ultra so it has the cooler, bag, bottles, car adapter, three sizes flanges, and a hand pump adapter.  Also the milk never goes through the tubes so I don't have to clean those. (bonus)

    I've never pumped in the car with the adapter so i don't know how that rolls but as to the time.  It takes roughly 20 min for a good pump.  I have days where I get 12 oz in 10 min.  I have days where I get 4 in 20.  It all depends on how full, how fast my letdown is ect.

    The hand pump is a life saver when your LO starts sleeping through the night and your like "OY! my boobs!" but don't want to do a full pump in the middle of the night.  :) 

    My pump has a speed and a suction knobs so you can fiddle with both.  Its something different with the medela pumps but I don't remember what. 

  • I recommend a PISA. I EP because LO was in the NICU for a while and had latch issues. My insurance (UHC) only covered the Playtex or Ameda pumps (I chose an Ameda which I regretted) and I eventually bought the PISA. While LO was in the NICU the hospital provided me with a Medela Symphony which was amazing, but it's a hospital grade and super expensive. I take on average between 25-30 minutes to pump which is longer than most (lucky me) but it isn't too bad. When I'm at work I use the regular plug for the wall because that provides better suction. But when I'm home with LO or I want to do things while pumping I use the battery pack (or the car adapter when we travel) and that makes it a lot easier. The Freestyle's suction isn't as strong as the PISA and the Ameda's suction is laughable in comparison.

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  • I recommend the Ameda Purely Yours because its a closed pump system. I would look into this and make sure you are informed before you make a final decision.

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  • I would get the Medela PISA.

    I have the Pump in Style Original (hand me down from a  friend -flame away!) and it is amazing, so I would have to guess that the PISA would be even better.

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  • I'm only familiar with the Medela PISA. I love that pump and have been using it since LO was 6 weeks old after I returned to work. (I was using a Medela handheld before that). The only con I could possibly have is that it's a little noisy, but what pump isn't? I seriously have no complaints about this pump.
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  • Given where you plan to use it I would go with the purely yours. I have the ultra and I have used it with batteries, car adapter and plug. It works great and unlike the PISA it is not attached to the bag so I can throw it in any bag I have. It has the versatility of the freestyle without the price tag. Now if your insurance is covering you may want to look into the freestyle if a closed system is not important to you. BTW Ameda has awesome customer. My pump died a year after the warrently was over and they replaced the pump when I called simply to find out if there was a part I could purchase to fix it vs. buying a new pump.
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