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Hi all, I will be traveling out of town for 3 days without my 3 month old. Any travel tips from people that have been there? How is it going through airport security with milk? What did you store pumped milk in? Will my milk be ok in a hotel mini fridge then in a a cooler during travel to and from? I have low supply, so I really want to make this work while I'm away; the thought of pumping and dumping makes me want to cry!

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  • You are allowed to bring milk through security in any quantity and you can have cooler packs to keep it cold also. I suggest freezing it if possible, they're less likely to bother you in this case. If you can't you will still be fine. Just let them know you have it when you go through security and you'll be fine
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  • I just traveled without my LO.  This is what I did and it worked great!  Take a collapsable large cooler, zip lock bags, breast milk bags, and frozen gel pack bags.  I took my PISA medela pump with tiny black cooler bag and 4 bottles.  I would pump and pour into breast milk bags and each day had seperate ziplock bag for storage. My refrig in the hotel wasnt the best, so i just put ice in ziplock bags and stored in my cooler.  Washed bottles with dish soap.  Getting through TSA make sure your frozen gel packs are frozen, i also just dumped my bag of ice before security and refilled after through security.  No problems get 100oz through checkpoint.  I put cooler by my feet on the plane.  They didnt even verify my breastmilk this time!  Good luck!
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