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Your bed vs. her Crib

My baby girl is struggling to sleep anywhere else other than our arms. She'll sleep in her crib/moses basket sometimes but not often and really doesn't like to be anywhere else other than our arms period. Any advice other than leaving her to scream herself to sleep?

Re: Your bed vs. her Crib

  • We are also struggling with this. LO will be 6 weeks on Thursday and so far we've only managed short naps in her crib. Once she slept there for 2.5 hours but usually she wakes up within 10 minutes of being put down. She only sleeps for extended periods if we are holding her.

    We have tried swaddling, white noise, and elevating one end of the mattress. Doctor said it's possible that she is being woken by reflux, and we started on Zantac yesterday, so we will see if it helps. So far i don't see a difference though.

    Many people rave about the rock n play but we haven't tried that yet.
  • Same as pp here. LO basically won't sleep anywhere else. We lucked out a few times really early on, but now he's basically attached to mommy 24/7 I'm not going to worry about it until his 6 week appointment then I'll ask about it, but he'll only be a month on the 3rd. I figure it's not really the end of the world for now maybe at 3 months we'll really try to get him into his crib.
  • Just look up is not a bad thing. I read 'Three in the Bed'
    This is pretty cool: BabyName Ticker BabyFruit Ticker image image image
  • One thing that has started to work for us SOMETIMES, is I put one of our pillows from bed into her bassinet to make that space even more snug and smaller. I then put one of her fuzzy blankets on the other part of the bassinet to snuggle her in when I put her down. I put her down slowly in it and leave my hand on her and talk to her as she falls back to sleep. At night though she mostly still sleeps with DH and me. GL
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  • Try the rock n play! My cousin gave me hers and I tried it because LO was only sleeping in my arms wouldn't even sleep in hubby's. She sleeps great! We're going to start transitioning her to her pack n play this weekend though; shes been sleeping 69hrs a night and by the end of the night she's so curled into the bottom I feel like it can't be good for her. We'll see how it goes though, bc she has reflux and the incline seems to help with the spitting up. She's 8 weeks and 10lb 11oz, about 24in. The RNP isn't cheap for such short use, but worth it to get some decent sleep for mom, in my opinion. Good luck!
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