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share your feeding schedule

just trying to get idea of when i should feed my daugher the formula and then what time of the day should i give her solids.

Re: share your feeding schedule

  • this was a post yesterday - scroll down.  are you a newbie?  tell me about your lyfe

  • We are starting solids this weekend. I'm going to start giving it to her at her 2nd morning feeding. So, wake up (7am) breast, then 9-10am solids, then the rest of the day breast. 

    I'm going to do that for a week, then add a second solid feeding in the afternoon around 3-5pm. 

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  • For the solids, my mom gives him the cereal in the mornings about 11. This is usually when he takes a bottle (every 3 hours). She makes his bottle up, then uses the formula for the liquid in making the cereal (only uses 1 Tbl spoon dry still) and then gives him the rest of the bottle. I'll sometimes give him a tbl spoon of cereal at night mixed in with some green beans that I pureed and made too thin. He really loves that but for the most part he's only getting the cereal once a day. I'll feed him a yoplait baby yogurt once or twice a week either at night or in the morning on the weekends. I usually give it to him an hour after his bottle. I plan on doing the baby led weaning when he's 6 months and sits unassisted and he'll "eat" dinner with us. I'll randomly give him fruit but any solids is always at least an hour after he gets a bottle.

    My mom has her own way but she at least waited till I was ready for him to eat solids before giving it to him. 

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  • This is the schedule we are following. The pedi just switched us to stage 2 foods (the containers are bigger) and added the "lunch meal" of meat/veggie combo. He's always fought the bottle a bit and that has become more of a challenge since he started eating off the spoon at 4 months. As of now, he MUST take 24 ounces of formula in a day.  

    He wakes between 6:30 and 7:00

    Drinks bottle (7oz) at around 7:30

    9:45-10:00ish--2 Tbs oatmeal (mixed with 2 oz formula) with one container of fruit

    12:30ish---bottle (6oz) 

    2:00 (we just added this one at 6 months)--1 container of meat/veggie combo and a fruit (doesn't have to be full container of fruit---as much as he wants)

    4:30ish--bottle (6oz)

    6:30--Container of fruit, container of veggie OR 2 Tbs oatmeal (mixed with 2 oz formula) with one container of fruit

         We do the oatmeal route if he fights us on any bottles during the day. If he foes that, we give him the oatmeal to help him meet his ounce requirement for the day.)

    8:30ish--Bottle (7 oz)



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