Do you need a new breast pump after 3 years?


I used my Medula freestyle breast pump for a year with my daughter who was born in 2010.  I pumped 1x/day and then 4-5x/day the 2-3 days/week I worked.  I was going to replace the tubing and parts, but figured the breast pump would be fine for this baby due in June (where I will pump about the same amount of time).

 Then I found out my insurance company will provide one free of charge - the Medula personal double.  It's $125 charge to get the Medula freestyle.  I liked the freestyle, so I am hesitant to switch the personal double.  I was thinking that I would use my old pump and then go through my insurance if it isn't working as weel, but I found out that I only have 30 days after birth to actually order it. 

 I am wondering if I should just pay for a new freestyle.  Any thoughts?  Anyone need to replace their pump? 


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Re: Do you need a new breast pump after 3 years?

  • I have a PISA-which is pretty much the same at the Personal Double. I used it in 2010 to EP for DD2 and I'm using it again this time.
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  • I also had the Medela, which I bought in 2010.  First, one day, the adapter stopped working.  This wasn't a big deal because I called Medela and they fed-exed me a new one, which I got the next morning for free.  Then, the main pump just stopped working one day.  So, I ended up using the other one the insurance provided to me.  You should definitely at least get some pump from the insurance and hold on to it.  If you end up not needing it, you can sell it or donate it, since it isn't opened.  If you end up needing it, you have your backup.
  • BTW--I have the Medela PISA. 
  • I have the Freestyle.  I got it in 2010 and pumped 3-4 times a day, 5 days a week, when I worked for a year.  I busted it out again with #2.  So far, I really haven't had any problems.  I made sure to use it right away on a consistent basis (1 time a day) when I brought him home from the hospital because if there were any problems with it, I wanted to get it fixed before returning to work. 

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  • I have an Ameda Purely Yours that I bought in May 2006. I am still using it now, almost 7 years later. I worked full time when DD1 and DD2 were young, so it got 12 months of 3x daily use for 2 years total plus the other occasional times I had to pump. It still works perfectly.
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  • I wouldn't get a new pump just to have it.  I EP'd for a year with DS1, pumped at work for 15 months with DS2 and am now going to use it for DS3.  I have a PISA.  Medela has always been really good about replacing parts, etc if I needed it.

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  • I would at least get the free pump. Medela warranty is only for one year, so if something goes wrong with your old Freestyle a few months in this time, you'll be screwed.

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