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when to stop

my aunt said she read something that after two months you shouldnt swaddle anymore bc they can roll over and suffocate. thoughts?
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Re: when to stop

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    You should stop once a baby can roll over on his/her own, but that doesn't necessarily happen at two months.  Recently, the recommendation seems to be to swaddle until 3-4 months or baby rolls over, whichever comes first.

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  • I planned to stop swaddling when he could roll over on his own (he's 3.5 months and doesn't roll yet). However, he's starting to grow out of his SwaddleMes and I don't want to buy anymore so we're going to wean a little earlier than planned. 
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  • Whenever they can roll. My oldest didn't roll until 5 months.
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  • WOW! I never got word to wein or stop swaddling when they can roll or get to any stage.  My now 14 year old would still be swaddling himself if he could.  He loved and would only sleep that way. 
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