weaning at 1yr and PPD

LO is almost a year, and so I've started daytime weaning over the past few weeks, dropping a pump session, and nursing only on demand during the day on weekends. I intend to keep the first morning and bedtime nursing sessions for as long as we both want to.

Anyway, I've noticed that since I started weaning, I'm kinda in a less than happy mode and DH is concerned. I didn't have PPD when LO was born, but I'm reading now that some women have PPD when they wean. Anyone else experience this?

Re: weaning at 1yr and PPD

  • Weaning can causing feelings of depression, but it's usually short lived. When my best friend weaned her second child, she became depressed, but it only lasted for about 3 weeks.

    (Scroll down for the info on depression, there are links to other articles too). - I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.
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  • It could be PPD, I certainly don't want to discount that, but it's most likely your hormones readjusting.  I was a little moodier once DD really started dropping sessions and we eventually trailed off into nothing, so the actual end was easy. I have noticed that I've lost some more hair and I have even more little wispy hairs that make their presence KNOWN when it's humid. 


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