I think it's over!

I would have continued nursing if LO wanted to, but at almost 13 months he's had it.  I haven't nursed him in three days.  He actually throws his head back and gets kind of pissed if I even offer.  I have mixed feelings.  It's sad no longer having that bond, but I'm happy that he's healthy and doing it on his own terms.  I'm just surprised that it happened so soon.  I feel like it's because we started offering whole cow's milk after his first birthday, and maybe he just prefers it.  

Anyone else experience a pretty sudden self-weaning after introducing WCM to LO?

Re: I think it's over!

  • Sorry your so upset. He is a big boy now! Im on my third baby and he just turned 6months and we are still ebf no solids and that is a mile stone for us! My milk was already gone by now with my girls. So I can see myself getting emotional when we are done if we make it past a year!


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