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How many pairs of shoes does LO have?

How many pairs of shoes does LO have?

Oh, and list if you have a boy or a girl if for some reason we may not know. Mobile smiley.

I can't make a poll.
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Re: How many pairs of shoes does LO have?

  • Asher has one pair of Stride Rite shoes that he wears with everything. He has 2 pairs of TOMS in bigger sizes for the future and I just ordered 2 pairs of Stride Rites in bigger sizes. So he'll probably have 2 pair at a time that fit going forward but he only has 1 pair now.

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  • Landon (boy) has 3 pairs.  A pair of chucks, sandals from Stride Rite, and a hand me down pair that he wears occasionally.
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  • Julia has 5. She has 2 pairs of pedipeds that are casual, another set of pedipeds sandals that are "dressy". She has two other pairs of junky sandals that she rarely wears.
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  • DD has two.  One pair of Nike sneakers and a pair of Stride Rite sandals.  
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  • My mother goes majorly crazy with baby clothes, accessories, and toys whenever she finds things at Ross, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx.  It's kind of maddening.  I always feel really awkward about all the stuff my mom buys that we never use

    I have bought DD 3 pairs of shoes - Robeez that she no longer wears, Stride Rite sneakers in her current size that were recommended by her PT, and the next size up because when I got her sneakers it was BOGO 50% off.

    She also has a bunch of hand-me-downs 2 sizes up from a friend.  Since only one of those are high tops, which is what DD needs, we'll see what use she gets out of them.

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  • Lucia doesn't have any that fit her. Now that she's walking I guess we need to get on that. She walks around in socks right now.

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  • C has two pairs of shoes. One dark brown and the other white. Both soft Mary Jane style.
  • Aria has 7 pairs that fit right now. Two pairs are Robeez (boots and mary janes), two are sandals (one for dressy outfits and one for everyday), one pair of little white sneakers (that she doesn't wear often. They were gifted to us, and really have no give in the sole), one pair of black dressy mary janes, and a pair of Stride Rites that I just ordered.

    She just started walking, so I felt like we needed some good "walking" shoes for her (the Stride Rites). The Robeez are ok for walking, but I wanted more protection for her feet since we'll be outside a lot. The sandals are pretty good too, I suppose.

    I really only plan on her having two or three sets of shoes at a time. She just hasn't had much of a growth spurt in her feet in a while, so we have summer and winter shoes. She's been in a size 3 or 4 since about November.

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  • He has one pair of sneakers right now and a pair of water shoes, which probably don't count as real shoes.

    He has a pair of sandals for the next size up that are about as dressy as a boy sandal can get. I hope we can get away with just one pair of real shoes.
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  • DD has three pairs that fit 2 pairs of sneakers and 1 pair of Mary Janes. She also has one pair of sneakers that are three sizes too big right now.

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  • Caroline has a ton of shoes compared to everyone else.  She has a pair of Stride Rites, Converse, 2 pair of Keds, a pair of "sneakers" from Target, 2 pair of white sandals, a pair of "outdoor" shoes that I put her in when we are going to play in dirt or something because I can throw the whole pair in the wash.  She also has a pair of flip flops and a pair of "jellies".  I'm a shoe fanatic and it's being passed on.  She has been walking since around Thanksgiving and she wears them everyday all day so she has a lot.
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  • Anna has one pair of tennis shoes and two pairs of flip flops. I just bought some adorable ballet flats for her that I was sure would fit her now, but nope! So I have a pair of silver flats and gold sparkly fake Tom's that will fit her within a couple months.
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  • Sky has 6 pairs of shoes that she can currently wear and 2 pair that are too big.  She has a pair of grey/pink Nike's, black/red Jordans, White Keds, Neon Pink tennis, Lime Green tennis, and pink dress shoes.  I get a lot of her shoes on sale because I shop ahead.  Only her Jordan's (DH had to buy them) and her Nike's were more expensive the rest were under $12.  She's been wearing most of these shoes since December and she isn't close to growing out of them so I feel like I've gotten my monies worth because they've lasted for over 5 months.

    If I could only have two pair I would have the Keds and a pair for church.

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  • Too many.

    She has 5 pairs of Toms, 2 pairs of white sandals, colorful sandals, tan uggs, black flats, brown flats, and white sneakers.  All but 2 were handed down or gifted to her.

  • 2 that fit her...both StrideRite shoes.  We have a couple pairs for when she outgrows the size 4 but it will be a while.  We just got them for her like 6 weeks ago.

    I have no idea how many pairs were given to us that we never used.  I didn't put shoes on her except for maybe three times before she was walking outside.

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  • I'm embarassed to say I have no idea how many pairs of shoes Ian(boy) has.  How many pairs of shoes have I bought him?  2!  All the others have come in all the stuff that's been handed down to me by my sister.  The thing with that is...I'm probably guilty for having bought half of those(they were my nephew's).

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  • I want to say like 5 or 6 pairs that would fit her right now. Only because of hand me downs/borrowing though. I've only bought her 2 of those pairs, one pair of silver stride rites that I got an amazing deal on, and a pair of white dress shoes I found for 50 cents at a yard sale so why not. 

    ETA- crap, I forgot I did buy one more of them, some Robeez white sandals off eBay :) 

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  • Five pairs. Waverly has a pair of Keds for every day, white sandals that go with most everything, clear glittery jellies, a pair of squeaky shoes, and a pair of those shoes that look like a tennis shoe/sandal combo for warmer weather. 
  • 2 soft sole Robeez-type and 1 rubber outsole pair of sneakers.
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  • Jackson, a boy, has 2 pairs. A pair of shoes that go with everything and a pair of sandals. His feet are growing so fast that im afraid to buy a pair and he'll grow out of them in a week.
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  • Cooper (boy) has 2 pairs of nikes and a pair of pumas as well as 1 pair of water shoes that fit right now. he has a pair of new balance, a pair of stride rites, a pair of flip flops and a pair of sperrys that are 1 size up. And after all that, the word pair just does not look right...
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