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Naps have been pretty non existent since DS came home from hospital. I've tried everything and everything, posted a few times, asked the ped, talked to other moms, read several sleep books and purchased one too many things at brus to help DS sleep. Anyways, yesterday I gave him his afternoon bottle while rocking him in his nursery. I didnt bother turning off lights, shutting curtains or turning on white noise machine b/c frankly, its a waste of time since he wont nap anyway. Well, guess what....he slept for 2 hours!!! Assuming it was a fluke, I did the same today and he has been sleeping for one hour so far! Seriously, 3 months of holding this baby nonstop all day and all I had to do was try not to make his room sleepy?
Go figure!!

Re: Seriously!?

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