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Body after baby

I am having a hard time accepting my new body after baby. I always had a flat stomach and after baby my tummy is now "mommy doughy". The first 34lbs flew off....I have about 40 more lbs I want to lose and the scale is just not moving. I cut all sugar and carbs out of my diet and I workout at least 60 min a day. I am getting so discouraged. I just want to fit into my pre-preg jeans. I feel so horrible that I am still wearing my maternity jeans almost 7 weeks after having my baby. To make matters worse we are taking a beach vacation in 2 1/2 weeks which means squeezing this body into a bathing suit.

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  • It took nine months to put the weight on; its not going to come off in two months. 

    Are you BFing? If so, some women find that their body holds on to extra fat (as a kind of safety net for milk production). 

  • I feel you!  I hate how long it takes for my stomach to go back to normal.  Some lady the other day told me she taught I was pregnant.  After I told her I just had a baby, she felt very stupid.  I got one of those tummy bands I plan on trying after my 6 week appointment.
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  • I know exactly how you feel :-( I have pretty much lost all my baby weight, but I was at the high end of "healthy" before (as in 24.9 BMI haha). Anyway, despite the fact that I have lost the weight, my stomach is so flabby and pudgey, I hate it. Also, I have a few stretch marks right in the middle of my stomach and the linea negra is still strong. I feel like my body will never be the same :-( Like other people have said, I guess it just takes time to get things back to normal. It sounds like you are doing all the right things, so just keep it up. You should feel good about yourself that you're eating so healthy and exercising, a lot of new moms don't have the energy to do that! Whenever I feel too down, I just look at my perfect tiny baby and remind myself that he is worth it... and that things will be at least closer to normal with time.


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  • I know it sounds almost impossible, but try looking at your body with gratitude. Seven weeks ago it gave you a healthy, beautiful baby. Seven weeks. In the scheme of things that's a really, really short amount of time. Your body is amazing and powerful for having created and birthed your baby. Cut it and yourself some slack :)
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  • I think the stress you must be putting in your body is hurting it. Putting on that much weight took you 9 months. A few weeks isn't going to shed it healthier.
  • After my first I didn't look the same until at least a year after and I gained about 35 pounds. I just had some weight that didn't want to come off. It's not normal to be back to your normal body only 2 months after giving birth. I think if you keep up the good habits, you will begin to see results. Good Luck!

  • image Ooglybear:
    It took nine months to put the weight on; its not going to come off in two months.nbsp;Are you BFing? If so, some women find that their body holds on to extra fat as a kind of safety net for milk production.nbsp;
    this is spot on. Also, if you are BF just beware some women find that cutting carbs cuts supply as well.
    Don't be hard on yourself, they are tiny so fleetingly, so enjoy it.
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