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Mask of pregnancy

A few weeks ago I noticed two small brown patches on my forehead in between my eyes.  I was going to mention it at my lt appointment but then they rushed me to the hospital to have Ethan!  It looks like the mask of pregnancy.  I didn't have this with my first and dr. Google says it goes away eventually.  Just wondering if anyone else has experience this?  How long does it take to go away?  Did you put anything on it?  I am breast feeding so I would rather not try any creams now just wondering what may help these marks fade. Thanks!

Re: Mask of pregnancy

  • It's called melasma. I had even before I was pregnant due to birth control pills and sun exposure. It comes out for me after being on the sun. There are (laser?) treatments for it. I use spot corrector and wear vitamin c serum at night. 

    I lookmat it as Just a part of life. Keep on sunscreen everyday since you can tan/burn easier while pregnant due to hormones.


  • I had it terribly with my daughter. I had several laser treatments to spot treat, but when that didn't work completely I had one major laser done on my whole face. Painful, but it worked. My esthetician told me me not to do any more treatments until I'm done having kids and breast feeding because it could just come back. So far, I've been lucky and this pregnancy didn't cause much except for a big spot on my hand random

    Miscarriage January 2012, at 6 weeks

    * Miscarriage April 2012, at 8 weeks

  • Thanks!  When I go for the 6 week checkup I'll ask more about the treatments.  My drs office does laser stuff as well!  I told DH that can be my push present this time! Lol
  • i had this when i had my second baby, it went away shortly after giving birth.  i got it again this pregnancy and it is already starting to fade and i had my baby 5 days ago.
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