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still not rolling?

Is it normal to be able to sit but not roll? Lol. Is he being lazy? He has never rolled, 6months old yesterday.

 He can sit for almost a minute un supported and play with toys, butif he reaxhes up to fast he will tip.

Re: still not rolling?

  • My son can sit unassisted for hours.  And - he will not roll back to tummy.  He will not do it.  He can go from sitting to all fours, to rolling onto his back.  And then he's stuck.

    I blame some of it on his surgery and not being able to be on his belly for weeks.  I blame the rest of it on laziness.  

    I taught him how to transition to all fours, so he's teachable....just refusing in my opinion. 

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  • DD will be 6 months tomorrow.  She has rolled a couple of times, but seems to have no interest.  She can sit unassisted for an extended period of time, and somehow ends up on her tummy a lot in an attempt to reach something.
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  • Mine is 6.5months old and only rolled a handful of times from tummy to back.  But that was like a month ago and he has not done it since.  He has no interest.
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    Mine can't roll from back to tummy. She gets one arm stuck and freaks out. I don't think rolling is that huge of a milestone.

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  • Some babies just don't like rolling. If he's hitting other milestones, I wouldnt worry.
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  • Ive only seen DD roll one time ever. However, she is sitting really well and just this weekend/week started scooting with her knees under her so its kind of a crawl but not really. I think she's just skipping rolling! I wouldnt be concerned at this point.

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  • We too are hardly rolling. I have seen two times from back to belly. Daycare and DH have yet to see it. He does sit pretty good on his own and seems to reach his other milestones. Though the pure eating isn't going so hot either :
  • We aren't rolling at all. She is sitting unassisted and has even pulled her self to standing unassisted but she has zero interest in rolling. I'm not worried and neither is her pedi.
  • I say normal if everything else is good. DD rolled stomach to back right around 4 months and didn't roll back to belly until 7 months. She haaaates being on her stomach so this is understandable. Our doctor isn't sweating it so neither are we.
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  • Ok great. Thanks. 

    We had his 6mo check up today and he was 16.8lbs. All was well and had no worries.... 

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