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2hr intervals

Can someone let me know if they have experienced this:

LO is 9 weeks and we are starting to work on STTN. His last feed is at 8pm and goes to bed right after, he usually falls asleep during feed and would go right down in his crib and then goes 56hrs until his next feeding, but something has changed. The last couple of nights he has been waking every 2 hours with horrible crys. Sometimes he just let's it out for a minute and then falls back to sleep on his own and other nights we feed him because we think hes hungry but then he only takes 12oz before he passes out during the feed and then wakes up screaming 2 hours later.

Even if we feed or soothe him and he falls back asleep as soon my husband or I put him down in his crib he starts screaming when his head hits the mattress. This is all new and just started this week.

What could this be?!?! I don't understand where this is coming from, he has been sleeping in his crib since we came home from the hospital. Is this some strange delayed 8 week growth spurt???

Re: 2hr intervals

  • I have no clue because we're going through the same. Except my LO is 12 weeks and ebf. I was thinking growth spurt because they have a pretty big one at 12 weeks. I know they have an 8 week one too, so maybe it is a delayed growth spurt. Idk! But you described my LO perfectly....except shes bf and just drinks for a few min. Hope it ends SOON!
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  • Right at 9 weeks we went through a week and a half of almost no sleep here. No idea what the deal was, but it's starting to get better. Sorry that's not much help, just wanted to say I've been there!
  • At least I'm not the only one, def makes me feel better. Last night he went down in the crib after falling asleep during his feeding no problem, but then woke up every 2 hours screaming for 2minutes then put himself back to sleep and slept till 6. I have no idea what is going on. I should be happy he slept but waking every 2 hours to his screams is not fun. We go to dr Thursday so def going to ask about this. Good luck to you guys!!
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