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My girls are here! (PIP)

Hi ladies... congratulations to all the May mamas whose babies have arrived in the last few days! My twin girls, Violet and Eleanor, were born via scheduled c-section last Thursday and we were discharged from the hospital this afternoon. We are overwhelmingly head-over-heels in love with them, but also feeling pretty overwhelmed. I finally found a couple of minutes to get on here and share their birth story and a few pictures.

The girls made no move to come on their own, so were born at 37w6d via c-section, as Violet (presenting baby) was breech. I was terrified for the section, but it went very smoothly and I was OK. Violet was 5 pounds, 15 oz and Eleanor was 5 pounds, 12 oz. I started crying (tears of anticipation and emotion) when I heard, "scalpel, please," and continued to cry right up until they were taken back to be weighed and measured.

I got to hold them as I was being wheeled to Recovery, and was able to tandem nurse in Recovery.  I had a few scary minutes shortly after arriving in Recovery where I started to hemorrhage, but the nurse had about ten doctors and nurses in the room pronto, and they got it under control quickly. 

 Violet and Eleanor both had great latches and strong sucks. Unfortunately, I wasn't making enough colostrum to feed both, and they lost too much of their birth weight on the second day, so we've had to start supplementing with formula and now I feel their latches aren't as good, making BFing a bit tough. We're still supplementing, trying to get their weights back up, but my milk is now fully in, so that's good.

 Our biggest challenge has been getting them to wake up to eat. They've tried to sleep through feedings, making our feeding sessions last up to two  hours - exhausting for us, AND it's using up more of their energy than they're taking in. So we're now trying to do smaller but less frequent feedings, and I'm hoping that with my milk now fully in, things will start improving soon. It's terrifying taking home two sub-5.5 pound babies.

They are both so beautiful, and quite different from each other (they're fraternal twins). I can't believe they're here and they're ours. We feel so blessed. My mom is here helping us out for a week or so, then my dad will be here for another week, and then my MIL and FIL are coming for two weeks, so luckily we have some help. 

Anyway, without further ado, my girls:

This is Violet:


This is Eleanor:


The two together at the hospital this weekend:


 And leaving the hospital today!


Good luck to all the still pregnant May moms!! 

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