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Anyone with fair/light skin get a negra line?

I had been looking forward to the mark of pregnancy. Then, I read that women with fair complexions rarely get the dark line and that it is often associated with a folic acid deficiency. So I am light skinned and I took folic acid supplements.

Shall I give up hope of a negra line? 

Maybe my belly button will at least pop out. 


Re: Anyone with fair/light skin get a negra line?

  • I'm fair skinned and never got the line with either of my 2 previous pregnancies. I kept an innie belly button the whole time, too! Not really expecting it this time around, but you never know!!
  • I did not get it with my first..but I did with my second child.
  • I am fair skinned, on my third pregnancy, and no linea negra ever.  I take prenatals with folic acid.  Also, no belly button popping here either.  Everyone is different though!
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  • I am super fair and have line. It's funny because I wish that I didn't have it! Grass is always greener I guess! ;)
  • I am as pasty as they come - I had one last time.  I also was not a fan and was happy when it faded!

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  • I am fair skinned and had it with my last two pregnancies. I've never heard it being associated with a folic acid deficiency though...
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  • I am pretty fair and have a very faint one below the belly button.
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  • I"m fair skinned and I have a super noticable one along with darkened skin in my armpit area. But no stretch marks :) Never heard of the folic acid thing 
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  • I did with my first, but it was so faint I was probably the only one that noticed it. It's funny you were looking forward to it, my friends that did have visable linea negras hated them.
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  • I have not heard that about fair complexions. My good friend has very fair skin and she still has her linea negra 7 months after giving birth. I have medium skin tone and I don't have one. However, I do have a furry belly!
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  • I'm pretty fair skinned and I have no line and I, like most pregnant women these days I'm guessing, take supplements with loads of folic acid.
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  • It is funny, but yes...the negra lina always seemed like the natural sign of pregnancy! ...and I always thought it would look neat in maternity photos! 

    ...maybe I will henna one on :> 

  • I am fair skinned and had a noticeable line for my first and 3rd my second not so much and neither with my 4th. All four my belly button popped out like a turkey timer. Now being 2.5 weeks post partum and I can see a faint line on my tummy and my belly button is very dark. I find it so odd
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  • Yes, I'm very fair skinned and got the linea negra in my 1st pg.  It was at the end though - maybe the last month?  
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  • Thanks! Maybe I will get it late in pregnancy too. 

    it would be neat to get that picture on the beach in a sun hat with a linea negra! 

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    Also fair skinned and I didn't get it.  My belly button didn't pop out either but I only gained 19 pounds when I was pregnant.

  • I'm very fair and blonde. No line. I keeping looking for it!
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    I didn't get it until my last trimester. And it didn't go away until about 5mos pp!

    I am very fair and therefore the line was very light.

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  • I'm very fair (I always wear the lightest color foundation in any type of makeup) and have no visible line.  But the skin around my belly button looks weird (like I can see veins or something) and the veins on my chest are grossly noticeable (more than usual).
  • My line is so faint you can barely see it and it was my hubby who pointed it out I never noticed it.  I am very pale and have to really look to even see it.  My belly button never popped out with both pregnancies.  It just goes completely flat. It is all flat now and will go back to its regular shape once this little one is born.  It might show up later mine did not show up until later in this pregnancy.
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