7 months and decreasing supply


I've started feeding LO solids and around this same time, I'm noticing a decrease in my supply. I pump at work and use what I pump the next day and I've always had a pretty good surplus, a few oz. left over to use from one day to the next. Now I'm struggling to keep up with his daily needs. I had a good freezer stash but have had to dip into that pretty frequently the past few weeks. Any suggestions on what to do? Is this normal around this time?  

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Re: 7 months and decreasing supply

  • How much solids are you feeding?  Could you be feeding too much & causing LO to not drink as much BM? 

    FWIW I'm going through something similar, but I don't know if it's coincidence or actually common. 

    We started solids at 6 months.  A week later I had a week where first I had a work conference over 4 days where I didn't pump as often during the day as I usually do.  Then LO and I got sick over the weekend.  My supply tanked.  I was only getting 10oz in three pumping sessions when I'm used to getting 15-16oz. It has taken me 2.5 weeks to get my supply back up to close to what it used to be. 

    What I did to get my supply back:

    Increased my oatmeal eating from 1 serving in the morning to 2 servings plus eating a granola bar or lactation cookie in the evening.

    Power pumped around 1pm for three days in a row. (pump 10 minutues, rest 10 minutes, repeat until it's been 1 hour.)

    Nursed LO as often as he would while around him.

    Upped my water drinking around 20oz a day.

    Did things while pumping to foster "happy" thoughts and letdown - looked at pics of LO, drank tea to relax, breast massage while pumping.

    HTH! Good luck to you!

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  • It's fairly normal but you can also take the measures suggested above to get your supply back.  By drinking mother's milk tea and adding flax seed to my diet, I was able to increase my supply again back up to match LO's intake.
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  • thanks for the tips. im going to try mothers milk. ive been trying more water and i notice a slight increase- probably should up the water even more... its just hard!

     im feeding 2-3 meals a day per the doctor - i know 3 meals might be alot from what ive read on these boards, but its what the doctor suggested. im trying to pump during his meals, so that way my body knows he still needs to eat. 

     i'll look into lactation cookies too.... thanks for the tips! 

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