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complete placenta previa

Hey! I am 15w4d pregnant with my second baby. Saturday I went to the ER with some bleeding. I followed up with my doc today and it was confirmed that I have complete placenta previa. I have a TON of restrictions, not exactly easy with a 21 month old running around! I wanted to know if any of you had experience with placenta previa and if yours corrected itself! I am praying that it moves up SOON! Thanks!

Re: complete placenta previa

  • I had a complete placenta previa that was still complete at 28 weeks but by my 30 week ultrasound it had moved to 3cm away and I was taken off all restrictions so you still have lots of time for it to move. Good luck!
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  • Mine was diagnosed at 11 weeks and I was put on bed rest for bleeding. I was having large gushes and cramping. I still have it at 32 weeks (my ticker is a few days off). 

    ETA: I still have the complete previa. Not the bleeding, that stopped. I occasionally spot but I get an ultrasound every 3 weeks soI'm not concerned about the spotting.  

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  • Mine was diagnosed at 14 weeks with a bleed in the ER. At my a/s exactly 20 weeks it had moved to a safe position. Good luck!

  • I had a cpp that never moved.  But, the only restriction I was on until 33 weeks was pelvic rest.  An ER dr told me not to lift anything over 5 lbs right after a bleed, but my regular ob just said pelvic rest.  What restrictions did they give you?
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    Pelvic rest, no lifting, no exercising, no walking long distance, no spending a lot of time in the heat... She was tempted to put me on bedrest Monday at my appointment, but said if I follow directions and rest and have no more bleeds, then no bed rest... for now! We'll see!
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    I had complete previa diagnosed at my a/s at 18weeks. At that point I was told pelvic rest and not to lift my son. At 31weeks I had a bleed and ended up in the hospital for 3 days. I was sent home on bedrest. My husband and family helped a lot with my son, but it was still hard. My daughter was born at 36weeks via c section since I still had complete previa. My dr told me that around 90-95% of previas move up as your uterus grows, I was just in the small percentage that didn't. Good luck!
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  • Hi I'm 20wks pregnant and  was just diagnosed with placenta previa complete at my a/s u/s my doctor has put me on pelvic rest and said they'll be doing another u/s at 28wks to see if it has moved if not they'll have to schedule a c/s.

    I was really disappointed at first because I had planned a natural birth but i'm praying and have faith that God will work it all out. 

    I've been experiencing stinging pain and cramping when I stand up so i've been laying down as much as possible.

     I pray that we will all have good news to report to each other soon and that these placenta's move to there normal position. 


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