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Just need to whine a little...

DD and I both have a miserable cold and the moving van is showing up tomorrow morning at 8:15! I have been trying to pack and clean and everything all weekend but I just feel like death and Em is glued to me because she doesn't feel well either. It's been 5 days now of up every hour all night long, multiple wake ups during naps, and just general fussiness. I don't blame her but it sure doesn't make this any easier.

its been a head cold up until now but it seems to be moving to her chest. How long should I give it before I take her to a doctor? She has no fever, just runny nose and a rattling cough. It's not stopping her from nursing but she hasn't wanted any real food since Saturday.

i don't want to be the paranoid mom who runs to the doc for a case of the sniffles but I don't want to not go if she needs it... This is the first time she has been sick for more than 3 days.

thanks for listening ladies 

Re: Why?

  • Rattling cough would definitely send me to the doctor, DS has had RSV twice and was much sicker than I actually thought he was the second time. I hope you're both feeling better quickly though! Good luck.  

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  • DD had a very slight rattle and a clear runny nose for several weeks.  It seemed like she needed to cough and clear her throat... so it appeared to be minor to me.  (And in case you haven't noticed... I tend to be overly paranoid about things)  She spiked a fever one night and when I brought her to the dr he put her on antibiotics for pnemonia.  I felt so bad.  I'd definitely get the rattle checked out.


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