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Big kid bed?

DS is still in his crib. Thankfully he has yet to climb out at all, so it hasn't been an issue.

On the other hand, I think he is getting close to ready for potty training and I feel that a toddler bed would be better for that, since he'd be able to get in and out himself.

Where are you guys at on this? Still in a crib, if you switched, when did you do it? How did it go? Any major challenges?


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Re: Big kid bed?

  • Still in the crib. At day care, she naps on a floor mat, so we could probably transition soon... Huh?
    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • We have been in a twin bed since 15 months and she loves it. We switched early because we would need the crib for #2 so we wanted enough time to transition but it turns out she loves it and has never given a problem.

    We are also getting ready to start with potty training so its a good thing we are used to getting in and out of the bed. 

  • We are still in a crib and I don't see that changing any time soon even though DD sleeps on a cot at daycare.  She loves her bed/crib and I don't see her having an interest in potty training either.
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  • He's still in the crib, but he'll be getting the boot this summer so his little brother can have the crib.  He's not trying to climb out so I haven't been in a rush. We'll start the transition with naps first and then move him to his new room and bed.  Honestly I dread him being able to get out!
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  • Still in a crib too, but she is very close to being able to climb out so we'll have no option soon.
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    We tried a twin bed, she freaked out wanting her crib, put her back in crib, then got a toddler bed, which is working out okay.  She still wants her crib but we moved baby sister in it.  We had two cribs set up but wanted to make O a big girl.  Potty training isn't going as I planned so it's a day to day thing.
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  • Chase was able to crawl out of his crib once during his nap, and that night we converted the crib into a toddler bed.  We went to Target and picked out big kid bedding for his new toddler bed.  He carried it through Target, and knew it was his.  I think this made the transition easier.  He has only gotten out of his bed and come out into the living room a couple of times.  Both times, we simply carried him back to bed without a word.  He now knows he needs to stay there until we come to get him.

    This weekend, he was tired, but not quite ready to nap when I put him down.  He wanted a book on the floor, but knows he's not supposed to get out of bed, so he left his legs on the bed and put his hands on the floor.  He couldn't quite reach the book, so he put one leg down, got hold of the book, quickly dropped the other leg to the floor and hurried back into bed with his prize! 

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