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Hello Limbo

Well, my appointment wasn't a great but the dr thinks there is still a chance (small, but there.). There was a nice sac but no fetal pole. She said it is possible that I just ovulated really late. She wants me to get more blood work done and go for another ultrasound next Tuesday. I'm not very optimistic, seems like history repeating itself.

We're also getting both of our chromosomes tested. 


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Re: Hello Limbo

  • Big HUGS my friend. Saying lots of extra prayers for you.
  • oh hunny no! :( I'm so sorry *hugs* FX for you that it's not what it seems.
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  • Many more hugs love.  You will be in my prayers every day! 
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  • Big hugs! Everything crossed for next Tuesday. I'll be thinking about you.




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  • Big ((hugs)). And fx that LO is alright and just a little behind where you thought.

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  • (((HUGS))) and prayers!
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  • Oh Maddie! I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. FX for your u/s next week. I'm sending you my thoughts and prayers.

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  • Big hugs, Maddie. I am sorry you're stuck in sh!tastic limbo. 
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  • Ugh, I hate limbo. I'm so sorry for you and your H. I hope you get good news.
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  • Huge hugs Maddie!
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  • Big hugs Maddie! You and YH are very much in my TPs!


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  • Big (((Hugs))) Maddie. FX that things turn out okay. 

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  • I'm sorry, hun! Sending so many positive thoughts your way and hoping next week brings good news. HUGS!
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  • I'm so sorry you are stuck in limbo. That totally sucks!!! I'm keeping my FX and hoping next Tuesday brings you good news! ((hugs))
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  • ***lurking***

    ((((hugs)))) Maddie.  

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  • (((hugs))), maddie!  Hoping the week goes by quickly!
  • Sending you many thoughts and prayers. (( Hugs)) 
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  • :( ((((((hugs))))))  Maddie, I'm so sorry.  I hate that you are having this week of limbo.  Sending so many prayers that everything turns out ok. 

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  • ((hugs))

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  • I am so sorry you're going through this--big hugs to you...hang in there.
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  • I'm sorry for your limbo.  Is there anyway you can go for an ultrasound sooner? 

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  • Lurking

    I'm so sorry. It's an awful, awful place to be and I wish you weren't there. Good luck at your next appointment. I really hope you get good news.

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  • (((Hugs))) Maddie.  You are in my T&Ps my friend.  I'm so sorry you are in limbo. 



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  • HUGS Maddie! T&Ps that you get good news next Tuesday.
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  • Oh no. I am so sorry. I hope that your doctor is right and you get much better news next week. I know the waiting will be agonizing. Thinking of you.
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  • Sending lots of T and Ps your way! Big hugs!
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  • OmaCoOmaCo
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    Lots of hugs and sending out prayers for you.
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  • **Lurking**

    Oh sweetie,  I really hope everything turns out to be okay.  I'll keep you in my prayers ((HUGS))

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  • I'm so sorry you are in limbo! I hope you get much better news next week. HUGS!
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