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Sleeping in vs nap

My year old daughter wakes at 630 every morning no matter the time we put her down (normally at 730/8 pm). Her morning nap then occurs around 830. Any suggestions how to push back wake up time and therefore push back her morning nap? 
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Re: Sleeping in vs nap

  • I wish I knew.  Right now DD wakes up around 6-7 (if I don't go in to nurse her first) and will go back to sleep after I nurse her so that's what we do.  She then sleeps until about 9.  Although recently she's been getting over a cold and has slept until 10 or even 10:30.  It's tough because I don't want to wake her up to go and do stuff, because I know she'll just be tired and cranky.

    I figure her sleep schedule will shift as she gets older and I should just be thankful she doesn't wake up earlier.  :-/

  • It is very weird but sometimes if you start putting them to sleep a little earlier they'll wake up later in the morning.
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  • 'The Sleep Easy Solution' book outlines strategies amazingly well. Figure on 11 hours of sleep so plan bedtime and naptime from there. The book really helps outline a routine if you're feeling out of control. 

    Good luck! 


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