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Anyone else have a "talker"?

Cami will be 7 weeks on Wednesday and at the tail end of 5 weeks started vocalizing. That very quickly escalated to the most hilariously cute conversations! She makes so many different noises and watches our mouths very closely when we talk, then tries to imitate. It is the highlight of everyday and she can seriously go on for hours!

Anyone else have a little conversationalist on their hands?

Re: Anyone else have a "talker"?

  • Nope. But she IS very noisy. She sounds like a goat lol
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  • Yes and only 4 weeks!  DH and I actually thought we heard her say help last night when she was crying. She lies in her bassinet and I swear she's talking to the pictures on the bookshelf next to her!
  • Yes! At 7 weeks here, and DS is a "talker".  DH is a light sleeper and said he talked most of last night.    

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  • Yes! DD is 5 weeks, and she is in her snug a monkey swing talking to her monkeys on the mobile right now lol

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  • I do! Isn't it the cutest thing? When I talk he coos back and smiles. I love it!
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    Yes! DD is 5 weeks, and she is in her snug a monkey swing talking to her monkeys on the mobile right now lol


    us too! those monkeys are so entertaining! lol

  • Yes!! My 5 week old just started "talking" over the weekend, I love it!! I could listen to him all day! It gets me a little emotional because its so darn cute and makes me so happy! Corny, I know, I just love the little guy so much!!
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  • My daughter is the same way. She started cooing at 2 weeks old and talk constantly!! She can use all the different vowel combination sounds and is up to 6 consonant sounds already! I love the variety in her language. She stares at me when she is talking and seems to really be trying to communicate. Her expression changes and everything! And she will stop when I speak and then respond. Maybe I read to much into it, but I am just so tickled!
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  • Yep. He sometimes even looks disappointed when I don't look at him, listen and respond the whole time. So perceptive already. 
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  • Our LO is 8weeks today and has been talking to his mobile and toys for a few weeks, love to sit and listen to him!
  • Yep! Right at 5 weeks my LO really started having conversations with us.... I took a video and sent it to the grandparents and they just thought it was adorable. We talk to her and then she starts moving her mouth, tongue, and lips trying to talk back. She gets out some pretty good sounds, and I'm almost 100% sure she can say "Hi" (that's one of the words I always say to her).

    It's also funny, she will get into talkative moods and try to talk to us or anything around her - and then look like "You know what I'm saying, right?". Smile

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