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Aftercare for new mommy

I tried to search to see if this had been discussed yet, and didn't find anything, so my apologies if this has already been discussed. I (FTM) have been very focused on trying to make sure I have everything Bean will need when he comes home.  I just realized this weekend that I really have no clue what I will need- if anything.  The one thing I do have is monster pads for PP bleeding.  I am allergic to lanolin, so nipple cream is out as far as I can tell.  Can y'all give me some suggestions as to what else I might need? 

Re: Aftercare for new mommy

  • Some TUCKS wipes (check laxative aisle); absorbent and soothing breast pads.. sorry, brain fart- I can't think of what they are called.
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  • I never thought about Tucks.  Thank you, I will put that on my list.  I actually received a couple of boxes of breast pads, so I should have a good start on that.
  • When you leave the hospital, take the large panties and pads they give you. They will probably also give you some numbing spray and a squirt bottle for your sore bits. Use those, and DEFINITELY take the stool softeners they offer you. Oh yeah, and snatch the snot sucker they use on LO. The hospital grade ones are the best.

    At home, have Always Infinity pads and some old undies stocked up and maybe something waterproof to place under yourself for the first few days to catch any spotting.

    I would look into a lanolin-alternative nipple cream if you can because nipple cream was a lifesaver to me. The PP was referring to Soothies, I believe (the boob ice packs)? Those are quite nice. Yes, nursing pads are a must.

    Have lots of healthy snacks easily available to you at home. Figure out where you'll do your breastfeeding and plan to have snacks, several large bottles of water, and some reading/watching material there at all times. You might also keep a log of all of baby's sleeping/eating/pooping in the beginning. Oh, and make sure there's an outlet for your cell phone charger so you can text DH to bring you more water when you run out. :)


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  • There are some nipple creams that do not have lanolin, but you will probably have to order them online. I didn't like the lanolin kind with my first, so this time around I am trying My brest friend organic nipple cream. You can also find it on amazon. 

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  • Loving the last paragraph in your post, Virginiagirl- definitely something I hadn't thought of! 
  • Try Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter since you can't use lanolin. It's all natural, organic, and lanolin free. Check it out on amazon. Target also sells it online.
  • I think the Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple cream is lanolin free.
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  • Cold compresses that are flexible that can sit in your panties.  These were a Godsend with my 2nd having to deal with NICU and walking more than was best.  I don't plan on having same issues but got some all the same cause they feel really good on sore mommy parts.  I saw that there are sites out there that tell you how to DIY to save $. 
  • image vic1011:
    I think the Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple cream is lanolin free.

    It is lanolin free. I bought some off of amazon.
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  • You can make "Padsicles" too!  Pour witch hazel on pads, put them in a ziplock bag, and put them in the freezer!  

     I second Soothies, tucks, colace, and lots of snacks!  Sleep bras are also awesome.  

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