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Milk and nightime waking

I posted a similar question a while ago but now that I am starting to transition to WCM I have questions again.  My LO will still wake sometimes in the night, down a bottle of formula, and go back to sleep.  I was hoping he would have outgrown this by now though.  Sometimes he will sleep straight through the night and other times he wakes at 2, 3 or 4am.  When he starts all WCM he shouldn't be waking in the night for a bottle, right?  By this time he should be weaned from this, correct?  Any advice? I don't remember having to give my DD a bottle of WCM in the middle of the night. He will drink 18-24oz of formula still from morning to night if that helps. He also eats 3 meals per day with some snacks in between.
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Re: Milk and nightime waking

  • I'm interested to see what others are doing but we're in the same boat- we'll be weaning in the next few weeks and have been putting formula in a sippy during the day for a few weeks with success, but we are still doing a bottle at bedtime for the routine and if he wakes and is hungry I give a bottle then as well (this happens maybe every 4-5 nights usually). I figure I will continue doing the bottles as needed until he tells me otherwise, I don't see why we need to make lots of changes all at once. I know that we will have to stop the bedtime bottle soon so we can brush teeth but I'm not worried about it ~quite~ yet.
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  • This is my LO exactly. He still drinks a ton of formula but eats 3 full meals and snacks also. He is 50th percentile in weight and height, 30 inches talk and 22 lbs.

    Lately he goes to bed at 730pm but wakes up at 530am to eat. I figure this is okay for now although I would love I he would cut it out! He does go right back to bed after until 7am at least...

    But there is the odd night where he will wake at like 2am to eat.

    You are not alone! He has slept all te way through so he can do it!
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  • Thanks for the encouragement.  I am glad other babies are doing this too.  I must have been spoiled with my DD sleeping great starting at 3 months.  His nights of sleeping all the way through give me hope and lead me to believe he isn't waking out of habit because it's not the same time every time.
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  • So glad you posted this!  This is us too...still waking here and there for a night bottle...more of an early am bottle I guess but still the same concept.
  • My 2.5 year old still wakes up at night and needs a drink. We are only giving water now since he's at the 50 for weight but when he was still at the 20 I gave him wcm. He's in the 90 for height and so super active there wasn't enough time to cram enough calories in during the day.
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