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spitting up or vomit?

how do you know the difference if they are just spitting up or if they were throwing up? I was burping him and a good shot of formula came out. he hasnt spit up at all until yesterday and then again today. i do think he is eating too much but he is always hungry. i dont give him the bottle til i am absolutely sure hes hungry i will try binky and other stuff first. FTM and i have no idea haha. He is fine otherwise so i assume its just too much food for his little belly

Re: spitting up or vomit?

  • My kid throws up and leaves the entire bottle on the floor. That's throw up.
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  • I'm also a FTM and have wondered the same thing.  DS has been "spitting up" a lot more lately.  He had one episode a couple weeks ago that I explained to the doctor as projectile vomiting.  In my opinion, the difference is  HOW it comes out.  When DS threw up, it was more forced - like an adult throwing up.  When he's just spitting up, it just comes out like a slow dribble or like it's oozing out of his mouth (sometimes it's more than a slow dribble, but it's not forced like that one time he threw up).

    Hope that helps! Not sure if it's the right or best way to tell the difference, so I'm hoping others will reply too! 

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  • I think spit up smells like milk and vomit smells like vomit.  Vomit would have  strong odor that you can't miss.

    Projectile spit up is common for some babies and is not vomit.

    My 7weeker has acid reflux and before meds she started projectile spit up...she once launched it out her nostrils and cleared a few feet.  Her spit up reeks of acid...a very notable smell.  I don't think it counts as vomit but it also isn't normal spit up because it is mostly stomach acid and curdled milk.

    With spit up you can wipe the clothes and leave them in it all day as there is usually no smell.  Vomit you would be changing the clothes due to smell not wetness.  With her acid reflux spit up I have to change her as she reeks after and it makes me nauseous!



  • DS was a huge spitter and it was constant too. Keep in mind, it looks like more spit up than it actually is. If it just pours out of his mouth then most likely it's spit up and not vomit.
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  • the similac page has a good visual of whats normal and what isnt. it shows that a tablespoon looks like an lot but it isbt and its normal. here is the link.  tryubg to type w baby in arms, excuse tge typos. ;

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