Breastfeeding Gift Basket - items?

Hey ladies! A close friend of mine is expecting her first LO in mid-June. As part of her shower gift I wanted to do a basket of all sorts of items to help her with breastfeeding. Can you let me know which items you'd most appreciate? From my own experience, here's what I have so far:

Book - The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

Lansinoh lanolin tube

Organic Cotton washable breastfeeding pads

Handful Disposable breast pads

Lansinoh Therapearl Hot/Cold breast therapy pads

1-2 nursing tanks

...any thing else I didn't think of? I personally hated the disposable pads - they were so itchy, but to each their own - at least she'll have a few in case she wants to go out or something. Thanks in advance for your input!


ETA:  Can you also rec your favorite nursing tank?

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Re: Breastfeeding Gift Basket - items?

  • Maybe one of those dry ingredients in a jar type things for lactation cookies?

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  • If she will pump at all you could get a pack of membranes and a pack of freezer bags.  If she is into magazines you could get her some magazines to flip through while nursing.  Granola bars and bottles of water are really helpful.
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  • I really like my loving moments nursing tanks from Walmart.
  • In addition to PP suggestions - maybe you could put in a little card on where to find help if she needs it.  Local LLL meetings/leaders, support groups, Kellymom website/ etc.  
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  • I'd do the Lansinoh Soothies gel pads, but I've never used the hot/cold pads. The gel pads are awesome the first week or so.

    I love my sleep bras.

    I only use disposable nursing pads because I leak through the reusable ones. Lansinoh is the best brand I've found.

    What about a water bottle or straw cup? I keep one of those straw cups filled with water next to me all day since I get so thirsty nursing. Snacks?
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  • image Lane05:
    In addition to PP suggestions - maybe you could put in a little card on where to find help if she needs it.  Local LLL meetings/leaders, support groups, Kellymom website/ etc.  

    I agree with this 100%.  I have yet to make a basket for anyone, but when the time comes, I will be putting in a card (laminated) with a listed of numbers and addresses.  

    I would also suggest putting in a few comfort items, maybe some favorite snacks, a book (or gift card for kindle if she has one), some magazines, or a bunch of the bargain dvds from target, and water bottle that can be reused.

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  • My favorite nursing tanks are from Pea on the Pod, but they're 42.50 each. The Target nursing tanks are good too. Look for the Gillian O'Malley brand.
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  • Ditto cup with straw. Mine goes everywhere with me. And snacks snacks snacks. PB crackers, cheese crackers, graham crackers, granola bars, protein bars, popcorn.
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  • Yes, easy snacks or a water bottle and :) A lot of it is what works best for her, so I wouldn't spend too much on any one thing.
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  • cmb2cmb2
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone - love them!
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  • I liked the Two Hearts Maternity nursing tanks from Sears. They had a BOGO sale both times I went to buy them.

    ETA: Maybe a nursing cover for NIP?

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  • instead of getting the nursing tanks maybe give her a gift certificate for nursing tanks/bras? That way you don't have to worry about size's and her comfort. She can figure out what fits and works best for her.

    But I ditto the laminated card for nursing resources 

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  • I love the undercover mama tanks.  Google them.  They are awesome because they attach to your nursing bra.  I have made myself some by searching "nursing tank tutorial undercover mama".  If you are crafty, you can make your own for her for about $5 each if you can find inexpensive camis without the bra shelf.
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  • Love the lactation cookie mix idea, perfect for a basket!

    How about a cute notebook and pretty pen to track feedings and diaper changes? I keep mine with me all the time! Or if you want to go techie
    Its a pocket nanny to help you keep track
  • If that link doesn't work...I can't tell since I'm on's the name of the product
    Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer
  • image emilykathleen511:

    ETA: Maybe a nursing cover for NIP?

    This was my first thought too.  Followed by a Boppy.

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