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I've had AF since 2 months PP. it was every 28 days for Jan, Feb, March. In April AF came at 23 days and now again at the 16 day mark. I'm not sure what to make of the short cycles. I've NEVER been more than a day or two off 28 days. A full 28 day cyclefor April would have brought me to April 17th initially. We are TTC so I thought maybe the first April AF could have been implantation bleeding since it wasn't that long or heavy. But now this cycle is much the same. Not my normal crampy, uncomfortable, heavy first two days. The only "normal" thing about this time was the major headache I had on Thursday into Friday. Never connected it because I thought I wasn't due for another almost 2 weeks. Any thoughts? Is this normal PP? I was going to wait to see what happens next month or should I contact OB now?
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  • Are you breastfeeding? 

    My first PP AF came and last like a day. Then came again about 6 weeks later and it was crazy heavy and bad and last almost a week. And then I got another 2 weeks later...after that I'd had enough and called the OB. She said that since I'm breast feeding it was going to be crazy and off and not my norm until I was done just my two cents. 

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