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I'll get us started. V has been up crying since about 1. We are back to CIO. He was doing really well STTN (or just about) until he got sick on Friday. I guess Friday night and Sat night of me going to him and holding him to console him and make him feel better had reset us. 

He is really ticked off now. No fever since Sat morning and he was his normal happy self all day so I think this is just him trying to get his way. But I tell you it is breaking my heart tonight. I'm trying to be strong...... 

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  • JG I'm sorry you're having a rough night, hoping V can quickly get backpack into his routine. Glad to hear he's feeling better.

    3 am Baby H is up for the 2nd time. He's doing better tonight than I expected. He currently isn't feeling well and has just been "off".
    Just wrote a bunch more but deleted it it so Im just finishing up.

    Edited to fix spelling.
  • it's 3am. I'm so tired. first feeding now. hoping for more sleep. I can't keep my eyes open.
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  • Oooof, I'm sorry. Fingers crossed for you


    it's 3:22 and we are up, because that's how we do. We screamed for a while and then we fed with limbs swinging. Now we are just awake. 

  • Sorry that you're having a tough night with V, but I'm glad to hear he's feeling better. Hopefully he settles down for you.

    Up for the second time with H...he's transitioning away from two feedings, but I wish he'd get there faster! It makes it harder when he went for weeks before his wakeful, only waking up once.

    BUT. He is no longer swaddled. So yay!

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  • E is only sleeping in the swing tonight and has a nasty cough. My poor little man and its my rare night off of overnights so at least I can give him kisses. 

    I hope V starts to feel better. poor baby! 

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  • 1:00 I'm feeding Benjamin. He did a 5.5 hour stretch which is fine. Trying to be optimistic..... See "expectations" post from earlier. Anyways, I have been letting him cry for 15 minutes before making a bottle and going in his room. Sometimes he goes back to sleep but not if he's hungry. Hopefully I won't see him again until 6 or 7.



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    So...I went to bed in LO's room with LO in the crib because DH was watching a movie that I hated, and I was ready for bed. DH said to bring LO to him if he woke up. DH doesn't work Mondays, and I do, so that makes sense. LO did wake up at 1 and 4, and I BF him both times. But then he was still hungry and wouldn't go to sleep after the 4 feeding, so I took him to DH with a bottle. Background I don't make enough milk sometimes, so we supplement when necessary. Anyway, I had to listen to him cry for 15 minutes, and when I went in there, DH was just laying in the bed with him, and the bottle was still on the table. Are you freakin kidding me? I could have given him the bottle by now, and we'd both be back to sleep! Thanks for your "help," DH. Ok, LNCI vent over, and hopefully I'm going to go back to sleep now.

    ETA: When I first brought LO to DH, DH said, "Oh, I meant just to bring him to me if he's quiet, not if he's making noise like this." Riiight. Sorry for the complaining because I know I have it better than some people, but DH and I are still trying to figure out this whole working together thing.
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