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I've had AF since 2 months PP. it was every 28 days for Jan, Feb, March. In April AF came at 23 days and now again at the 16 day mark. I'm not sure what to make of the short cycles. I've NEVER been more than a day or two off 28 days. 

A full 28 day cyclefor April would have brought me to April 17th initially.  We are TTC so I thought maybe the first April AF could have been implantation bleeding since it wasn't that long or heavy. But now this cycle is much the same. Not my normal crampy, uncomfortable, heavy first two days. The only "normal" thing about this time was the major headache I had on Thursday into Friday. Never connected it because I thought I wasn't due for another almost 2 weeks. 

Any thoughts? Is this normal PP? I was going to wait to see what happens next month or should I contact OB now?

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  • I think it's normal. My ob said that my cycles could be wacky for a year pp. Even starting bc, af is still coming whenever....ugh! I am sure that is frustrating while ttc. I would definitely use the opk's to make sure you're ovulating like normal.

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  • My cycle was every 24 days like clockwork once I was off the pill and TTC.  Since G was born and the IUD, it has been all over the place.  Seems like everything and nothing is normal PP!

    I would POAS if I were you, though Smile

    And good luck TTC!!!!

  • My cycles have been all over the place too, mine keep getting longer instead of shorter but I think that had to do with breastfeeding and Noa having some serious growth spurts.

    i am hoping it settles soon since we are hoping to start TTC in the summer. 

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  • I had two normal AF's with a 28 day cycle . . . and then, I was almost two weeks late.  Negative on the preggers test, and then this month, I was a week late from the last cycle.  Now I'm just thinking my body is trying to have a longer cycle length, but I have no idea how many days it'll settle on.

    At this point, I plan on charting, just to see if I can't figure out what my body's trying to do :P  The last it was so wonky was when I was teenager, and trying different birth control - and then, understandably - after my miscarriage.  But I was really surprised, only because I had two normal/average AF's, and then some wonky ones, so I don't know whether to blame it on hormones or not D:

    But sounds like a lot of us are experiencing all sorts of AF changes <<;


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