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I know, we all are, suck it up, etc.

But holy cow. I can't get comfortable enough to sleep well bc I feel like I'm slowly suffocating. Then I'm too hot, sweat like crazy, and wake up shivering from sweating so much and have to find my covers all over again. Then I have to yell at my husband for snoring and waking me up but it turns out I'm the one snoring. Theeennnnn the sun starts to come up and the pigeons start up with their nonsense.

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Re: Uncomfortable

  • I know the feeling
    I tried explaining to DH the other night
    While I was crying yet again

    LO has no room anymore
    My body is done with being pregnant

    Thankfully we're almost there
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  • Im not sure if breathing is one of your bigger issues but the only thing getting me by is CVS brand breathe right strips. Those things have been a life saver!
  • I feel your pain. LO is heavy enough that I have to shift sides frequently when trying to sleep- the pain wakes me up. 
  • I am with you on all of those levels! Wow! I am so uncomfortable!
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  • Me, too.  47 days and counting...I hope anyway. 
  • It's so true. Sleep just isn't fun.
  • I agree with everything just said. And today at Target a lady called me chubby...
  • skioskio
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    I can't even complain THAT much about the sleep, because when I'm out, I'm out pretty good. But I hate the suffocating feeling and I totally only sleep for 7 to 8 [interrupted by pee trips and position rearranging] hours before I'm up and feel like I can't sleep anymore. I used to be a marathon sleeper; I could sleep for 11 or 12 hours, no problem. When you think you need it more, your body throws you, like, eight curve balls. What the fudge, man.
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  • I'm definitely super uncomfortable when I try to sleep as well.  Between the heartburn, constipation, frequent needing to pee, back aching and baby kicking all night, sleep is elusive nowadays.  So glad to be almost done!
  • Had a bowl of cereal and chugging water bc I'm in a desert literally. I'm so over the inability to just stay asleep and I've got another year to go at least if this kid anything like the kids in both of our families.
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  • image CarolynL8:
    Im not sure if breathing is one of your bigger issues but the only thing getting me by is CVS brand breathe right strips. Those things have been a life saver!

    This. I can't sleep without them and my nightguard! (Thank God we are already pregnant... I look so attractive at night...)

    DH actually told me the other night that it wakes him up and makes it hard for him to sleep again when I have to lift my legs to launch myself out of bed to pee. He is such a brave, brave man.

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  • image MeghanKG:
    I hear ya. I don't even look forward to going to bed anymore because I know I'll struggle to get comfortable, struggle to fall asleep, then struggle to stay asleep. I woke up covered in sweat last night, too. I'm over it dude.

    This! I used to LOVE bedtime! Now I know its gonna suck... 

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  • Nighttime is SO long. I hate that I only sleep in 2 to 4 hour segments.
  • Don't forget the leg cramps that will wake you out of a deep sleep. Those are my personal favorite...

    Getting out of bed used to be so easy...

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  • Getting out of bed to pee is super tricky. Super full bladder means no sudden movements but moving slowly when you have to go sooooo baddddd is terrible.
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  • I'm glad you posted this. I feel beyond uncomfortable at night. My legs burn, baby pokes me hard in the ribs all night long. I'm hot. I have to pee every 2 hours. It's just impossible to do anything but a couple hours of sleep at a time, and then it takes forever for me to fall asleep. Last night I rocked the master bedroom, then the glider, then the couch just trying to get a few hours in! I can only imagine it's going to get worse before it gets better but I'm trying to stay positive! ha!
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  • I sat down on the bed the other night. DH came to "tuck me in", and I almost started to cry because I knew I was going to be in pain trying to lay down, and I would barely sleep anyway, and it hurts so much getting up to pee 5-6 times a night. :(
  • LuthyLuthy
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    It got so bad for me that I honestly, totally and completely was not sleeping -- I'd go to sleep around 7 am if I was lucky and sleep for maybe two hours. My doc finally told me to take Tylenol PM every night and while it makes me feel totally drunk when I get up to pee and weird and hungover in the morning, it has been a LIFESAVER. I'm still super uncomfortable but at least I can get to sleep eventually. I think what made her tell me to do it was when I described my hysterical crying in the middle of the night, heh...

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