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any advice

Hi everyone! I have a 10.5 mo old and just found out I'm pregnant baby number two so it looks  like I will be joining your board! Any advice to balance pregnancy and other LO? TIA


Re: any advice

  • My DD was 9 mo, when I found out I was pregnant.  The first trimester was rough for me, so I napped when LO napped.  But after the first tri, this pregnancy has been a breeze so far for me.  No balancing act needed here!  Good Luck!

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  • Work on getting lo good at independant play.  Also, teach lo how to get up and down from furniture (when baby gets movin') safely, rather than just saying no to climbing.  It gets rough at the end when you lose mobility.  Congrats!
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  • 1st tri was tough because you are so exhausted, but my DS1 was all ready good at independent play and I just locked us both in his playroom and lied down while he played when I could. After that it hasn't been too bad.. As I am nearing the end (34wks now) I've asked for a little more help from the grandparents when running errands, bringing in groceries, going to playgrounds etc and I have DS1 walk and hold his hand as much as I can instead of carrying. I am more worried about the balancing act AFTER the new baby arrives ;) GL!

    BFP 5/21/10, Missed m/c 7/5/10 at 11w3d (baby measured 7wks), D&C 7/7/10

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    June 2012 - TTC #2! -- 10/05/12 BFP --  5/23/13 DS2 born at 37w1d! Yay full term!

    Surprise BFP 6/25/14 LO#3 due Feb2015!

  • Thanks ladies! So far I have been doing pretty well but I'm only 5 weeks along so we will see. I too am nervous for the balancing of newborn and toddler but also excited they will be so close in age.
  • As the previous posters said, the first trimester was the toughest.  Work was very busy, and I would get home, exhausted and nauseous, and my daughter would want to play.  My DH is a SAHD, so he would want to hand her off when I got home.  No naps for me.  But I did go to bed shortly after she did, which really helped.  Once I got into the 2nd trimester, life returned to normal.  I am only halfway, so no advice on the 3rd trimester yet.  But, like the first baby, you push through, and it becomes normal.  :)
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  • Do what you can to mentally prepare for the adjustment period from 1 to 2 kids. Try to cut the cord a bit with the your first born. Get them a little more independant in whatever way you can. I think i overbabied my first which is what every parent does naturally as its your first and they have your devoted attn. You dont know any better. 

    I'd even go as far as to say is bring home a fake doll, but i mean really go all out pretending that the doll is 100% real baby, feed it for 20 minutes, pretend change it, this is also good for you to see how dealing with a newborn in one hand and a climbing toddler will feel. Do it for a few hours a day at least for a month leading up to the delivery.  

    I'm in it right now (3 weeks with our newborn) however our DS1 is 3, so for that I know I'm in a totally different spectrum but wow, it is quite an adjustment and I wish I mentally prepared for this better.  

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