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Wont eat anything but purees

My DS is 13 months and a great long as the food is pureed! He'll eat any veggies or fruit or the mixed variety, but if I introduce any "real" fruits or veggies he either throws it to the dog or will put it in his mouth and spit it out the second it touches his tongue. Besides purees he'll eat oatmeal, toast (with peanut butter or cheese on it), any gerber snacks or cereal bars, eggs and on a GREAT day he'll eat speghetti (usually just the meat sauce, not the noodles). I am really want him to start eating everything that we eat (and feeding himself more) but I find myself trying new things everyday and then I end up throwing it away and bringing out the baby food. Any suggestions?!! Do I just put the real food on his plate and if he doesn't eat it dont offer baby food and eventually he'll get hungry enough? Also he still gets a bottle of formula in the AM and before bed and random sippy cups of milk or water throughout the day, but I always offer food before the bottle or sippy. Thanks! 

Re: Wont eat anything but purees

  • We are dealing with the exact same problem, except she won't eat toast.  She loves bananas and I can hand her half of one and she'll eat it.  Also halved blueberries and quartered grapes.  Occassionally she'll eat spaghetti, but like your LO, it often goes straight on the floor.  She's even started being much pickier about veggie baby foods.  If I give her her own spoon and let her pretend to feed herself I can sneak in bites (a very messy process).  No more puffs, cheerios, peas, green beans, carrots, nothing.  Oh- she does love cheese.  Won't touch American, which was DD1's fav (still would be if she wasn't allergic to dairy now...), but will devour cheddar cheese that we cut up into manageable cubes.  

    So, I feel your pain and would love some tips from other mommas! 

    EDIT- She also won't even eat 3rd foods that have chunks... spits the chunks right out.  

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  • Sometimes it takes them a few tries before liking something. I'd keep offering and if he doesn't want what you made him then the meal is over! He probably knows you'll cave in and give him what he really wants ;)
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  • Oh my goodness, I'm so glad there are others, lol!  Your message just described DS to a t and it's so frustrating!  He loves pouches, fruit or veggie, doesn't matter.  He will eat yogurt.  Some fruit (strawberries are always a hit).  And sometimes he'll eat PB&J.  Otherwise, nada.  He won't even taste things, he just spits and throws it on the floor!  I don't think it's a texture things, as he'll eat crackers and other things with texture.  Meat?  Forget it!  Cheese?  Nope!  He will also eat eggs and oatmeal.  And he'll eat things when we go out.  I've tried repeatedly offering him things.  I've gone so far as to pick one new thing and offer it to him every single day for 2 weeks.  Nothing changed in those two weeks!  Please let me know if you find a solution!!!!
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