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water breaking?

When your water broke, what did it feel like? Was it a trickle or a gush? Did you hear or feel a pop? Just curious.

Re: water breaking?

  • My water broke out of the blue in the middle of the night with DD.  I heard a loud and distinct pop and there was a gush.  I didn't stop leaking until she was born.
  • I felt the pop and it was a gush. I was already at the hospital in labor.

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  • My water broke with a trickle no noise. It might have been me peeing my pants but it kept leaking.


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    My water broke at 4:30 in the morning at 36 weeks while I was sleeping.  I don't remember hearing anything, but felt a quick gush of water and it caused me to spring out of bed (and I mean spring) and run to the bathroom. I have no idea why, but I went to the hall bathroom not the master.  I guess I was just so confused for  second and thought I wet the bed.  There was a lot of water and I continued to leak all the way to the hospital.  I had to bring a towel with me.  At that point I don't know when it stopped.
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  • I felt a pop in my back followed by a gush. Fortunately I had just sat down to pee so the gush wasn't an issue until I stood up at the hospital. Then I swear it was like someone poured a gallon of hot water down my leg.

    It's different for everyone though.
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  • I heard a pop and I ran to the washroom where there was a trickle then a gush. It kept leaking a lot.
  • When it broke with DD1, I was asleep and I woke to what felt like discharge, when I got up to go to the bathroom it felt like I soaked my pants.

    When it broke with DD2, it felt like discharge again and then started coming down my leg.
  • Mine broke when I was on the toilet.  No pop.  It was 

    totally contollable as far as leaking if I was standing up and baby's head was up against my cervix.  When I laid down, all hell broke loose. 

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  • No pop with either, with my first it was enough fluid that it was obvious with this one it wasn't that much but I kept leaking as I walked around.
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  • Heard and felt a distinct pop then gush! I was already in the hospital, but lying down when it happened.
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  • Mine was actually a fore bag break. I got up off the bed to go to the bathroom and I leaked about the size of a baseball. I knew it wasn't pee. I proceeded to use the bathroom and then decided to go to the hospital.

    The nurse bet her paycheck that my water hasn't broke because I had no leaking since. Turns out it had leaked.

    My sac had ripped enough to leak and when I moved it shifted enough to press the tear against my uterus stopping the leak. They ended up having the break my sac in a different spot to get labor going.
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  • Wow that sucks when people treat you like you're stupid, it's like, seriously? I know what's going on down there DOESN'T HAPPEN EVERY DAY. Did the nurse ever pay up?
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    Wow that sucks when people treat you like you're stupid, it's like, seriously? I know what's going on down there DOESN'T HAPPEN EVERY DAY. Did the nurse ever pay up?

    Haha. No. Actually I went in a couple weeks ago for my Bp and she said I looked familiar. I told her that it was probably because last time I was in there she bet me her pay check. Then I explained. She said she hasn't bet her paycheck since.
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  • I felt a pop then a huge gush both times. With DS1, I was just about to sit down on own brand new couch.  I remember leaping off the couch so fast and my mind bouncing between, "Oh my God!  My water just broke!" and "Oh my god!  Did I ruin the couch?"


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