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Naked Potty Training Help

DD is down for her nap right now with a pullup on. We started this morning with "no more diapers except at bedtime" and we went from wearing training pants to regular panties to naked... it seemed like if she had something on she'd wait and pee in it but as soon as we went sans pants she started to get it. She peed on the floor once and then has made it to the potty every time since.

So here' my question... at what point can I put pants/underwear back on her? Anyone who has gone this route, your advice is greatly appreciated!!


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Re: Naked Potty Training Help

  • When our DD is wearing anything she will hold it until she 'has to pee right now' and then she tells us, but we only have a short time to get her to the potty.  If she is naked she will just run to the potty herself and go.  No idea why this is or how to change it.  It's something we are currently struggling with.

    Sorry no advice, just commiseration.  We find it's easiest to make sure she goes every 2 hours.  So it's either she tells us she has to go or we put her on when it's getting close to 2 hours since she's gone.  We put her on earlier if she's had a lot to drink.

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  • We went naked for about five days, then my son insisted on wearing pants. Right now we only do loose shorts or pants so that he can easily and quickly pull them down. Probably won't add underwear for awhile.
  • I started putting underwear on them after about a week.  Then add pants a few days later.  It took me forever with DD1 to get brave enough to put unders on to leave the house.  With DD2, I did it pretty much as soon as we started with unders at home.  Neither has ever peed on the floor in public.  Just be prepared to drop everything and take her to the potty NOW.
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  • I potty trained in about the same situation you're in.  DS was probably less than a month and DD was about 2 years 3 months and she was constantly pulling off her diaper.  I never went naked, just kept her outside for about 4 days and reminder her every 5 to 10 min to go potty.
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  • My DS went naked for 3 days, underwear the 4th day and clothes the 5th day.
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  • It took us several days.  I actually wasn't convinced it was going to work but hang in there!  It worked!  We kept a little potty really close and when DD would start to pee on the floor I would carry her to the potty and she'd get a little splash in the potty and we'd celebrate big time.  It was exhausting at first.  I think it was about 4 or 5 days before she could really control it and then it just clicked all of a sudden.  Then we could wear regular clothes.  She still needs help pulling up and down her clothes.  
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  • Thanks so much for the encouragement ladies! I think things are going really well. Yesterday she stayed pants free the rest of the day and had a couple accidents but I think she definitely got the idea. Today it was chilly in my house in the morning so I left her in just her loose pj pants and she did really well with it (just one accident so far!). She even pooped on the potty today! I don't have any plans to take her anywhere for the week, but I'd really like to take her to her My Gym class on Friday and I'm not sure how that will go... we'll see :)

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