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Sunday Clicky Poll: Nursery Progress

Since DD was up before 6:00am (thank you ear infection) I'm posting the poll early this week! But there is no rule that we can't have 5 or 6 Sunday polls ;-)

So what state is your nursery in. Actually, I don't like the word 'nursery' - I prefer baby's room. Maybe you are finished. Maybe you don't even have a baby's room. Feel free to explain yourself :-)

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Re: Sunday Clicky Poll: Nursery Progress

  • We painted the room and bought a new ceiling fan (that won't break off the bracket when turned on high :-P). But that's it. After school is over, we will move DD's crib and furniture to baby's room (clothes dresser, CD dresser, rocking chair). DD will get a regular full-size bed and a new dresser with a mirror. Eeek so excited for that!

    Baby's room is gender neutral colors for now - medium gray walls with white crown molding, chair rail, and baseboard. Boy colors will be blue/orange accents and girl colors will be green/purple. 

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  • we've bought/been gifted most of our nursery furniture and picked the theme. half the furniture is assembled, we'll leave the cross until last because I don't feel like battling kitties to stay out yet

    We also have my dad "scheduled" to paint the room a pale blue, then my sister will paint the mural over it, which is the tree from 100acre woods, Christopher Robin sitting at the base reading.
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  • SS. We are putting the kids in the current den and moving the den to Lucas' current room. So we have to clean out the den before we can start on the kids' room
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  • It will be a combined nursery and guest room but currently is half storage half guest room. We are going through things and finding other storage so we can actually start setting it up. Man, I miss having a garage.
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  • I put SS because we are really hoping to move in the next couple months. I've got it all planned out and we don't need to buy any more furniture (I just ordered DD's big girl bed), so once we do move I'll get right on it.

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  • SS here. We are building a house that won't be ready til August so my nursery will be last minute.


  • We know what we want to do and are pumped to do it BUT we have to shuffle DD to the room in the basement and that means cleaning it out first. Hopefully it will be done today and she can make the move in the next week.


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  • The crib is in there but only bc DS moved to a toddler bed. When he made the switch I just put the crib in there. The room is an awful mess bc we moved a little over a month ago and just put boxes in there and never unpacked them. I am going to start working on it during DS naps after this semester is over. So in about 2 weeks ill get started.

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  • I put SS, we are hoping to close on our first house by June 1st!!!! Already took measurements and picked out furniture. My Ikea crib should be arriving Mothers Day weekend from Baltimore, via the best dad ever they didn't have the color I wanted in New York. And we will get the rest of the furniture once we move in. I'm excited to pick out bedding when we register in a few weeks and then finalize our paint color!!!!!!
  • We cleaned out the nursery and moved some furniture around but that's about it.  We won't be painting though.
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    On our way to 2u2
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  • I'm on mobile so I can't vote. But we have no nursery yet. Hoping to get good news about the house we have an offer in on!
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  • Voted I'll start someday. I think after the a/s on Tuesday I'll be in full buying mode. We just moved in the house we built so luckily the babies room isn't too much work. I'm leaving the walls the neutral color they are (nuance by SW). I did order the crib mattresses yesterday because amazon had a great deal. They'll be here Wednesday. That's all I have bought so far. 

    ETA: I can't wait to see all the finished rooms! 
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  • It was our wedding gift graveyard so we cleaned it out a. Couple weeks ago. Dresser and crib arrived and assembled


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  • image Curls218:
    I'm on mobile so I can't vote. But we have no nursery yet. Hoping to get good news about the house we have an offer in on!

    I'm on mobile too and I was able to vote. Maybe your app needs an upgrade?
  • We have a strange set up at our house for the baby and DD to have their own rooms. So for the first six months or less baby will be in our room at night in the rock n play and crib during the day in DD room. Then will move baby in there when we are ready!
  • We have cleaned out the room, set up the crib, painted the owl mural, and bought some closet organizer things. That's it so far. The room was already painted the color we knew we wanted our nursery to be light yellow so that's been done too.

    We still have to ton to do, but we've made a lot of progress so far.
  • We are currently building g our house. We have started looking for things we want to the nursury but can't do anything until our house is built.


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  • SS: DS is currently in the nursery until we finish his "big boy room". He's not yet 2 so we're not in a huge hurry. That and baby will be in our room for the first 3 months.
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  • We've made more progress than I expected by this time but summer always seems to get busy so I'm ok with that.

    We didn't paint but we have the furniture all set up.  Also curtains and the rug in there is staying.  

    I have to repaint a toy chest we found on Craigslist and do some DIY decor. 

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  • The baby's room is currently our guest room.. Since we have several guests coming this summer we're waiting.. I think we'll probably and by we I mean me paint pretty soon, but leaving the big bed in there until later. Especially since the baby will be in our room for a while and my mom will be here for a little bit after the birth. So who knows when the actual baby furniture will go in there.
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  • We have A LOT of work to do before even starting our nursery. We're finishing our basement, where we will move our guest room and then we're moving DD to our current guest room then we can think about starting our nursery! I'm thinking LO will be sleeping in our room for a fair amount of time!
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  • image Paturkey:
    It will be a combined nursery and guest room but currently is half storage half guest room. We are going through things and finding other storage so we can actually start setting it up. Man, I miss having a garage.

    Our intended baby room is currently a guest bedroom/storage room.  We need to move the queen sized bed to the third floor loft but before we do that, hubby and BIL need to move the three exercise machines from the third floor loft to the basement.  But before that happens, hubby has to work on part of the basement to make room.  I figure we'll have the nursery completed when the kid is about 3 months old....

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  • New Wood floors went in yesterday, and it has been painted!!! we are getting there:) Crib has arrived, still waiting on feeding chair and changing table
  • We won't have a nursery in the beginning because we are currently dealing with a one-bedroom situation. Hopefully it won't be for very long, and we hope to move before baby is 6 months old. 

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  • I voted no nursery because the baby will be sharing with Molly and we aren't really changing her room.  The crib is up, but we need a mattress and sheets and I want to make name letters like I did for Molly so their sides of the room match.  
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  • I checked SS. We are moving in a month to another apartment, this time a 2 bedroom. So, we won't be starting anything until we move, obviously. 

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  • We have not started on the nursery. I am living at home with my parents until after the baby is born so that I can save some money. I plan on looking at baby furniture this week.
  • We'll be moving before the baby is born so it's kind of pointless for us to start it now.  We do have most of the artwork and decorations for it already, but that's it.
  • The nursery is currently the guest room.  We have to combine the guest room and office and then we'll start on the nursery.  We won't start that until process until mid May. 
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  • We have painted and replaced the carpet with vinyl flooring but that's about as far as we've gotten.
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