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Recommend your sand box.

Thinking of buying a sandbox for my son. Which one do you have and do you think it's worth it? Or is a sand table better? I bought the water/sand table adjustable legs one but its still in box if I want to exchange. I was going to use only water or sand at one time. But thinking maybe a water table and sand box? I don't know. Ugh help me decide please:

Re: Recommend your sand box.

  • We received the combo table as a gift from my mom, and we now have sand in the water, sand on the ground,... I have closed the sandy half of the table. DS loves the water side. :) 

    I just got a plastic swimming pool off of freecycle, and we are going to set it up as a sandbox. We will duct tape the couple of holes and bury the pool a few inches into the ground to make it a little more stable. It will be big enough for kids to play in, so I expect the sand will stay IN its designated area. 


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  • We have a sand box that we got second hand.  It's a pretty popular one... the big turtle shaped one.  Personally, I think DD likes it better than a table.  She likes to sit in the sand and bury her feet/really dig into it.  She also has a sensory table, too.  Right now it's filled up with dried beans and gardening material.  It's fun to change that one out.  We enjoy both!  Whatever you do, get one with a lid!  It will be kitty litter heaven to every cat in the neighborhood otherwise.  ;)  
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  • Sand box.  Make sure you have drain holes in it or a cover.  If you or your DH are handy it is really easy to make.  Just 4 side,  put it on top of weed barrier cloth, fill with sand.  
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  • My DS got a sand table for his birthday and we have a plastic pool for him. So, we aren't going to bother with the water table. We will see how that all goes!
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  • I started with the turtle sandbox for my son because I had a full sandbox when I was kid and loved sitting in it. Turns out as a mom I hated cleaning him up after playing in it. I already had a water table so I just bought him a sand table, too. I wish I had a combo table because he just runs back and forth between the two anyway! And the turtle is now a ball pit.
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  • I have the crab sandbox and my sons love it. I have to admit that I don't. My sons pour sand all over the yard and on plants. They bring buckets of dirt into the sandbox. It is just a giant mess. They pour sand on each others head. I wish I had just gotten a large tub that I could bring out when I wanted to closely supervise.

    We also have a water table that they also love.
  • We got a turtle sand box from a neighbor. He spends some time in it, but not much and I think he will need something bigger when he gets older. 

    We have a water table and that gets much more play. We do a mommy+me nursery and they have a sand table that DS seems way more interested in than the sandbox we have at home. 

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