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Am I the only one?

I guess I am just not sure about the whole Labor Buddies idea. I think you are all wonderful ladies and I really like the idea of having a closer bond with one of you! With DD, the only person who knew I was in labor was my mom because it went so quickly and I kept telling myself and DH that it could be false labor. I'll know the difference this time, but I don't know that I'll feel like texting someone with updates, considering that once I was in the hospital last time I didn't have a clue where my phone was and didn't care! And as far as buying gifts for one another, I fret about buying gifts for people who I know well, so I would really worry in this situation. I guess I'm throwing this out there because there is a part of me that hates being left out of things but at the same time I would feel terrible if I let my buddy down. Is there anyone out there who feels similarly? Am I wrong about what a labor buddy is?
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Re: Am I the only one?

  • Lol. I was thinkin the same thing. My family lives out of state so it will just be me and my bf in the delivery room. And I know I will be busy just with labor and trying to remember to update family and my best friends. Lol.
  • I don't know exactly what's expected of me, guess I should ask since the have a buddy now. Haha! If you want to participate, you can tell your buddy what your expectations are and what they can expect from you up front. I have not heard of the gift part, but I not opposed to it. 
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  • I agree. I was trying to find a nice way of saying it and I couldn't find the words to say that in theory it is an amazing idea and I want to be a part of it but I know I would be a terrible labor buddy. I wouldn't want to let anyone down. Thank you for this post. I was thinking I was the only one who wasn't going to have a labor buddy. 
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  • I'm totally out of the loop...I keep seeing posts about labor buddies but I'm not even sure exactly what it means.
  • Yeah, I didn't realize that was the point of a labor buddy. I'm not sure I'm going to have time to text updates, particularly because I'm going to feel 100% of the pain as I'm doing an unmedicated labor. I've been thinking of asking to be taken off the list, but I'm honestly too lazy to find it. 

    If the listmaker sees this post, can you remove me from the list?  

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  • I'm with you. I never did the labor buddy thing with DD. On the way to the hospital, I managed to call our parents, but DH had to talk during my contractions. Once we got to the hospital, we didn't even look at our phones until DD was here. This time around, we'll see if we even find the time to call parents beforehand. (If this labor goes faster, there won't be time.) If I'm not even going to call my best friend or sisters, there's no way I want to call or text a labor buddy. To each her own though...


  • Thank you all for helping me realize that I'm not the only one feeling this way and I'm not going to be the only one announcing my own LO's birth! I feel a little like a kid at recess who is choosing to sit alone by the wall and read a book instead of playing with the other kids! I was never that kid, so I think that's why this is hard for me!
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  • To each their own. I had one for the PgAL board, and it was nice. Dd1 was taken to the NICU, and I wasn't allowed to go see her till my epi wore off. I txted my labor buddy right away to have the boards tp, and was just able to update her. There was no mobile bump then either though.

    I still like the idea of a closer friend, so I'm happy to have a labor buddy now!
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  • With this many women, I have to imagine that there are very few topics where anyone could possibly be the "only one" who feels any one way. You'll always fin like-minded people.
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  • I'm right there with you. It sounds really nice but definitely isn't something for me. Since everyone lives far away from us I have enough people to update.
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  • I'm with you.  And honestly, I think the updates might get kind of annoying once they start if there are a lot of them.  Just let me know when you had your kid and how it went after it's all said and done.
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  • Meh, I didn't have one for DS, and I likely won't sign up for one this time.  IDK, I guess it's just not for me.  I guess I think that I will update you all when I get around to it.  Even if it is a few days later, I know I will do it eventually. 
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  • I did not know that we are automatically included in labor buddies. It is just not my thing. I doubt that I will remember to call my husband let alone my labor buddy. If we have request to be left out count me out please.
  • I'm not interested in a labour buddy, I come on the bump pretty much everyday and love hearing what everyone has to say, BUT I almost feel like having a labour buddy is an extra responsibility that I'd rather not take on especially since I know I have a hard time keeping in touch with some of my closest friends let alone someone I don't know well yet. I think its a great idea and will be nice and helpful for a lot of women but its not for me, also my husbands cousin is due September 3rd so if anything I think she'll be my real life labour buddy :)
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  • Yeah, the labor buddies thing is totally not my cup of tea. I am part of a private facebook group for September moms and feel a pretty tight connection with those ladies so I will stick with that. Once I am in labor, I doubt that I would be in a texting mood.
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  • I'm also a STM and don't get the idea of updating someone.  We barely updated our parents last time.  With a busy toddler I'm not sure I would be consistent in building a friendship with someone online and as a SAHM on a tight budget I definitely don't need another person to buy gifts for.  Since I don't want to be a flake I am just planning on updating myself once DD is here.  I had a LB last time but I think we were just paired with people a month or two before and she and I exchanged a few texts when her DD was born and again when mine was born. 
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  • I was thinking the same thing. I don't mind chatting with people on here, but the reality is I am not likely to text someone when I am going into labor, nor would I be sending gifts. But if other people are really excited about it then I say more power to them! Everyone should do what they feel comfortable with I guess.
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  • I agree.  I'm not really into the whole idea of a labor buddy.

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  • I'm not against it at all, I'm glad it's an option for the people that want it. It's just not for me.



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  • No, you are not the only one. But to each their own. I personally like the idea of a LB but its not for everyone.


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  • image VitaLuna:
    I'm not against it at all, I'm glad it's an option for the people that want it. It's just not for me.

    All of this.
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  • I'm going to opt out. I'll be having a RCS so no going into labor for me...God willing. DS2 came 5 weeks early but I'm staying positive that this one will wait his turn and not be early at all. I'll just update the board myself when the time comes.
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  • I doubt having a labor buddy is a make or break deal and until we all came to these boards we didn't know about them so we're not missing out.  I don't plan to have a labor buddy and I'm sure I'll be fine. Instead, I am asking all my friends, co-workers, and family members to tell me their birth stories instead.
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    I'm with you.  And honestly, I think the updates might get kind of annoying once they start if there are a lot of them.  Just let me know when you had your kid and how it went after it's all said and done.

    Yes  In the nicest way possible, I agree.  I'm super excited for when the day comes that we're all having our babies, but I don't need the play-by-play.  I don't know what to expect from labor as a FTM, but with DH by my side, and my family in the hospital as well, I think I'll have enough going on.  

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  • I think it is a good idea, but not for me either...
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  • I like the idea, but would probably have different boundaries than some. I don't like talking on the phone. I think it is awkward, even with close friends. I'm cool with texting though. I don't want to do a gift. I would buy one and forget to send it. I have ADHD and am not great with follow through.  I like the idea of a somebody out there sending me support through the process though. And would be happy to do the same for someone else. I signed up, but will feel bad if I am matched with someone who wants all that other stuff. If anyone is feeling like this, PM me and we can be semi-labor buddies?
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